Fifth Avenue Series Book 3 : Expose Me by Kate Hewitt Fifth Avenue Series Book Three (Final)

Reviewed by Desere

Hold on to your hats ladies the third and final part of the brilliant beyond words Fifth Avenue series is here and it's a humdinger!

This time we meet Alex Diaz, ruthlessly determined on each and ever level of life. He has risen up from his deprived roots to become the head of a global medial empire. He has one last piece to achieve , he needs to avenge his friend by destroying the man responsible for her death and it 's no one other than our bad guy from the previous two books Mr I destroy lives Jason Treffen.

And he has the perfect plan to bring Jason down, talk show host Chelsea Maxwell is about to interview Jason on life TV! He''s use the chance to extract a very public revenge and seducing Chelsea , if it 's needed, would be no hardship, the woman is after all sending his hormones into orbit like no other before.

But Alex soon learns that he has underestimated the attraction between them, and as their relationship deepens Alex starts to realize that to annihilate Jason could also shatter the life Chelsea has worked so hard to build in order to protect herself. Will Alex choose revenge over the woman he's come to love or will he stand by and watch he life crumble when Jason meets his end?

I am huge, huge HUGE Kate Hewitt fan and I have always loved her books, so of course I was totally over the moon when I first heard about this series and saw that her name was under the authors contributing.

She has a unique special way of taking two characters and bringing them to life so vidvly it completley blows me away each and every time, and afterwards I have to find a way to come back down to earth.

In this the final part of the Fifth Avenue series she did so once again and unlike the first two books in this series , which I will tell you were both brilliant, Kate Hewitt brought me to tears. I felt sad for some of the other characters in the impervious two books but with the character of Alex and Chelsea I was so sad about their past I bawled my eyes out, which is always a sign that a book is super awesome!

Alex is just like Hunter and Austin from book one and two , wants revenge but unlike Austin and Hunter's who's  part in the revenge against Jason Treffen went more smoothly, Alex has it so much harder and because his past was a terrible one it makes him the hero from this series I most wanted to  just hold and tell him it will all be okay.

Chelsea was also a character that had me wanting to say " Hang on girlfriend, let me try to help you" because once you know her secrets you will understand that even if you had never met this woman you would want to help her within only a few minutes of knowing her past. And I will add the author had me on a rollercoaster of emotions because our darling heroine keeps her secrets to herself right up till almost the very end.

The ending of this book was WOW just WOW! It slotted in perfectly with the previous two books with such perfection it had me gasping for air. The sexual heat level was a little less than that of the previous two books but this was not a bad thing at all, Alex and Chelsea 's level of attraction is in a whole other realm , almost softer and more about understanding each other.

I would have expected Alex to be more aggressive than Hunter and more of a erotic master than Austin because his life has been so much harder yet Kate Hewitt created a harsh sounding man with depths of softness I did not see coming, and it could not have been more perfect!

I highly recommend this book for everyone who as myself is simply addicted to Kate Hewitt's books. She has once again shown just why she is one of the world's best selling authors.

An added note, the book is not to be read before you have read the first two, not because the story of Alex and Chelsea is not remarkable as a stand alone on it's own for it truly is, but if you really want to understand the entire mystery and secrets that bring these people together to fight for justice then do so from the very start, you'll thank me for it!

5/5 star review
" Exposing the truth get's more complicated then ever before"