Whatcha gonna do with a cowboy by Jodi Linton

Whatcha Gonna Do With a Cowboy: A Deputy Laney Briggs Novella

Reviewed by Desere

Deputy Laney Brigss has a good life, she brings in the bad guys, has a few beers every now and then, and at night she goes to bed dreaming about her sexier than any cowboy is legally allowed to be boyfriend, Texas ranger Gunner Wilson.

Gunner is off fighting the bad guys just like her, only he has a little more invested in his current case then he wishes to admit. Laney doesn't focus on it too much on it but instead keeps busy in order to be able to fall dead fast asleep at night and not lie awake trying to overcome the desperate sexual craving she has for Gunner who of course is no where near her when she needs him to satisfy her needs.

A great job, a hotter than the Texas sun boyfriend in her bed every now and then ain't too shabby. It's not the perfect life but it's all she's got and that's okay for now.

Then life get's a heck of a lot more interesting when Laney discovers the local high school football coach passed out under the stadium bleachers wearing nothing but a pretty smile and his wife's very sexy lingerie!

At first Laney figures this is nothing more than a drunk, oversexed couple who's fantasies got a little out of hand, but then there's the picture he's holding, not the mention his wife being missing from their home. Laney does what she does best, well outside the bedroom anyways and goes on a hunt to solve the mystery.

Faster than a bullet can rip through flesh she ends up knee deep in a mystery involving a kidnapping, a drug cartel, death threats and a ruthless motor cycle gang. Realizing she's in over her head she calls in the big guns, yep you guessed it, her very own hero, Mr Hotter than Hot Texas Ranger Gunner Wilson, after all the man is her boyfriend so of course he should come save her butt! But getting out alive might not be that easy this time, with or without Gunner by her side.

This was my first time reading this author, and I will say I quite enjoyed her style. The long distance relationship between Laney and Gunner was kind of fun and interesting to read , as I am mostly use to the 'it happens right here and right now' kind of relationships, so it was interesting to read about a couple trying to make something work with distance involved, it made it very realistic, as a lot of couples today have to face the very same challenge.

I loved the heat between Gunner and Laney, it was explosive no matter how long they end up being apart, it was also a lot of fun to read about them when they are together. None of the awkward stuff usually in romance reads( not that those don't make for fantastic reading) was present, the relationship is already there, the angst and do we sleep together of don't we and do I really know you things were all over and done with and it was easy to slip into their lives., really fun, fresh and new!

Both the character of Laney and Gunner were well written and both unique separately as they are together. Gunner is a deeply emotional hero, even though he comes off as a little too rough, which I totally adored. It made him this you want me to protect you hero but you actually want the softer side of me too but you ain't getting it kind of hero, very unique and not something I can really say I have come across before.

Laney is just a woman, but tries darn hard to be tougher than any of the men out there,but it just made her more awesome to read about. I found myself rooting for her all the way when she ends up in situations no woman is meant to be, it was like " Yeah girl , you show 'em what you're made off!"

This was a truly kick-ass, action packed, sizzling hot romance read from start to finish with a lot of unique touches from the author. I am taking away a message of life can go from boring to super action packed really fast and that's what makes life an adventure just make sure you all the facts straight before you go shooting up a storm and most importantly make sure you get out alive !

I picked up that this is a series about the adventures of Laney and of course the yummy Gunner so am sure we are in for lots more action from these two, but the book can also be read as a standalone, if you don't mind the this is where it ends for now ending. If you prefer the this is it as in forever reads then this is not for you.

I recommend this read for all fans of super fast, action packed , hotter than hot romance reads that moves at blinding speed and is perfect for a quick escape to a world of guns blazing, boots stomping, stetson wearing, jean hugging , passionate nights and mystery filled action!

4.5 star review
" Trouble just rolled into town and it ain't leaving without a fight" 

**Complimentary copy received in exchange for a honest review