In Bed with the competition by J.K. Coi

In Bed with the Competition

Reviewed by Desere

I love a good office romance. The excitement of the this could mean the end of someone's career if the relationship fails, or what if one of them wants a deal but the other does two and it comes down to the relationship or the deal?

Guaranteed excitement! In the new J.K Coi read we get to know Elizabeth Calson and Ben Harrison. They use to be friends, coworkers and ALMOST lovers. But this all happened before Ben suggested they mix business with pleasure which sent Elizabeth running for the hills, because there is no way she wants to lose her heart to a hotter than hot hotshot tycoon who lives for his take no prisoners attitude,  and then there is the fact that she wants to start her own company. So the entire business - pleasure thing is not for her and she walks away before it gets too hard.

But Ben with his take no prisoners attitude makes sure he always succeeds in getting everything he wants , and he wants Elizabeth, but before he could have her she walked away, sparking an all out rivalry war!

Whist competing for the same contract they both end up at a Caribbean conference and the attraction is too hot to handle. Ben still has his sights firmly set on finishing what they started but Elizabeth is still set on not losing her heart, her clothes and a few other inhibitions sure, but not her heart, no way! The question that remains is of course, can Ben make her see a business - pleasure relationship has nothing to do with him loving her more than life itself?

I really liked this read, most office romance reads have the same flow of events. The couple meet at work or through an office event, get down and dirty with each other and then pop, it becomes some kind of mess and the atmosphere in the office is downright uncomfortable.

But in this read it was a fun new twist with both main characters having their own companies and going up against each other, okay so they get into each other too, but that of course just made it more exciting. I loved the I want you, you want me but this will cause an issue vibe it made for some very entertaining reading.

I adored the character of Ben, loved his go get 'em attitude. It made him sexier than Ryan Gosling stripped naked! Elizabeth was a bit of a frustrating character at first, simply because I could not wrap my mind around her being so extremely determined to no fall for Ben. But after a while I tried placing myself in her shoes and I realized that when you put your heart and soul into anything or a as Elizabeth a company then it is never an easy decision to make when it comes to risking it on something that could have you lose it all.

I am taking away a message of life is filled with risks, some work out and other don't. But when it comes to risk taking you need to find that perfect balance between wanting it all and knowing you need it all. If you only want the glory that goes with success then go for it, but remember that all the glory of success will not bring you happiness when you find yourself alone with stacks of money and no love. If you know you need it all, then find a way to balance the success and love because somewhere in between you are going to find the right balance allowing you to have the best of both worlds.

I recommend this read for all fans of good, passionate, entertaining, fun and sexy romance reads.

4.5 star review
" All is fair in love and war, right ?"