Marriage Reinvented by Kat Cantrell

Marriage Reinvented

Reviewed by Desere

Alexia and Jesse had an okay average marriage deal going, they were good in bed, laughed and had good times. But Jesse always gave more of his time to his company then to Alexia , and Alexia on her part totally retreated to a world of her own. With no real communication the marriage is doomed and sadly it does end.

But Alexia is a fighter if nothing else and fights back to survive. Picking up the pieces she applies to for a patent to be filed for a product she invented, only her attempt falls flat when she is informed that the patent has already been filed and not by some nobody but non other than he ex husband. To get her patent back all she has to do is agree to his crazy wild and totally outrageous idea of giving their relationship another shot.

He wants his wife back and he's not afraid to try anything and everything to get her back. But once they are thrown back together in a world blinded with passion, new secrets are revealed, new truths come to light and once again they find themselves back where they were, hopelessly in love with each other but neither one wanting to let go of control over their lives. And then's there's Alexia's betrayal that could shatter any love Jesse ever had for her.

I have long been a sucker for this author's books, but just like with most of my favorite author's I tend to get more than just a little bit nervous when I see the words self published. Not that I think the great authors of the world always needs a editor , but I have read some pretty bad self published books , so yes definitely nervous that I will be disappointed when a great author hits the self published world.

I am overjoyed to say that Kat Cantrell did not fall into the deep, dark and very bad world of self publishing failure. The story of Alexia and Jesse was intense, passionate, fun and absolutely thrilling, and I shed more than a just few tears when it ended, I sobbed like a baby, I wanted the to read to go on and on!

The character of Jesse was all out blazing hot sexy and made my toes curl, and I do mean seriously sexy, imagine the hottest guy you have ever seen, strip him naked and you will still not get close to the level of sexiness Jesse oozed! I loved his laid back attitude it was a nice fun and fresh new twist to the usual always dressed in a suit , fully blown corporate type of hero's, not that I don't adore those, I really do, but it showed him as sticking to his roots, and not falling into the usual role you would think a guy would when he makes it into big time leads.

The character of Alexia was really cool. I liked her tipping over the edge every now and then because of her past failures but clawing back to the top, it showed her as very realistic and most importantly reminded me that we are all human , we all make mistakes if we fall from grace and don't attempt to get back up we will never have a second chance at happiness. What I most enjoyed about Alexia was the back and forth addiction to Jesse, it made for some really fun and entertaining reading, one minute she wants to jump his bones and the next she wants to kill the guy, very funny stuff!

I am taking away a message of life is filled with loads of various types of pain. Some we are able to overcome and others will forever stay with us. But the trick is to realize every type of pain happens for a reason, every situation in your life serves a purpose, whether it is to teach you to communicate with others as in is the case of Jesse and Alexia or simply to be able to hear the voices trying to tell you to make a change, the reasons will always be there, it is up to you to recognize what the purpose of the pain could be.

I highly recommend this book to all romance fans. A fun, fresh, exciting, very sexy and tantalizing read!
5/5 Star Review

" Reinvention is the name of the deal, but can they give it an everlasting unbreakable seal?"