A SEAL's Mission by Rachel Kall

A SEAL's Mission

Reviewed by Desere

Renowned journalist Rowena Murphy uncovers the biggest story of her career , and she is more than prepared to take some risks to get the word out to the public. Her investigation lands her in Afghanistan, being kidnapped from her tent and then rescued by top-dog Navy Seal Scott Ranger.

Once back home she keeps up her investigation , still determined to get the story of the century, but she 's going to need some help. And who better to help than the top-dog very sexy Navy Seal that rescued her in the first place, but she needs to find him first.

With no name and only the sound of his luscious voice and the memory of his strong arms carrying her out from danger she does not have a whole lot to go on, but her luck is about to change because Mr sexy kick-ass Scott finds her first.

Scott has not been able to forget Rowena and for the last six months she has been on his mind constantly. When he goes looking for her he does however not bargain on having to rescue her again , but instead reckons they can have a good time whilst he is stateside. He could not be more wrong, soon he finds himself fighting to protect her from various dangers but no navy seal trick is going to help him him from losing his heart to her.

I loved this story so very much. It had drama, action overload and the mystery behind it all was simply nail-biting and gripping, by chapter three I was glued to this story I could not have stopped reading even if a IED went off right next to me.

The character of Scott was of course more delicious then the sexiest of hero's ever. I loved this man so very much. He was kick-ass and the best at everything he does, but also had a very awesome sensitive side that melted my heart and made my knees go totally weak. I liked that the author gave him a not so great background because it fitted in very nicely with him becoming a Navy Seal and fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves. The guarding of his heart element linking back to his past and the relationship with his mother was very sad and I really wanted to just wrap him up and hold him. But it showed just how very bad life can be for a person when they think they are worthless they join armies and this and that just to try and find that certain level of acceptance and understanding when in reality they simply need to find one person that sees them as valuable and not worthless. There is a strong bond between brothers in arms and gives any person a level of worthiness but the level of worth between a man and woman is so much stronger and able to do so much more.

The character of Rowena was really awesome, I loved this woman to bits. She and her " I don't care what it takes am getting this done " attitude made for some great entertainment, and I will add it also drove poor Scott almost insane. She also like Scott had some issues from her past which made her not so willing to give up her heart, but her's were slightly different because she came from a 'parents happily married' background, but without wanting to ruin the book here I will only say that what we see on the outside of marriages is never really the full truth, everyone has a secret and what you see if definitely not always what you get.

I am taking away a message of we don't need another human being to make our lives complete, but having your wounds kissed by someone who loves you and does not see your wounds as disasters in your soul but cracks to put their love into is the most calming thing in this world, and that level of healing is better than anything else out there, it shows true love can conquer it all.

I recommend this read to all fans of action suspense romance reads. It had passion, emotion so bitter sweet it broke my heart but rebuild my soul again with a happy ending like no other, and not to mention enough action to give any reader an adrenalin rush that lasts quite a while after you put the read down.

5/5 star review
" It 's the most important mission of his life, for her it's the story of a lifetime, but can they survive long enough to find their happy ending?"