How to Bag a Billionaire by Nina Milne

Reviewed by Desere

Adam Masterson has it all, he's ridiculously good looking, rich, powerful and famous. The one thing he does not have is the luxury of avoiding the bag-a-billionaire woman that have suddenly appeared in droves, with only one aim, to drag him off to the altar.

But he does his very best, so when he spots a super sexy strawberry blonde climbing through a restroom window on the night of one of his events he is dead set on getting rid of her asap, surely she is just another gold-digger!

But the jolt of sexual attraction that hits him the moment he looks into her eyes has him wanting to drag her off to his bed instead of throwing her out into the cold. All Olivia wants is for Adam to tell her where she can find his father, and then she'll be on her merry little way.

But Adam sees Olivia as a chance to send the bag-a-billionaire woman running back to their not so rich boyfriends, and along the way he might as well enjoy Olivia's body in his bed, but Olivia is not about to turn out to be the average woman and Adam is in for the ride of his life!

This read was one of the best debut's I have read in a long time. It was pure reading magic from start to finish! Crazy, hot, wild, super funny and so unbelievably sexy !! I honestly did not want this book to end , I wanted to stay in the romantic, sensual wild and crazy world this author created. I laughed out loud, I felt the anger during confrontational moments, and I cried my eyes out for the sadness both main characters had to deal with.

The character of Adam was one of the sexiest, sweetest, most delicious hero's I have ever read. I wanted this man all to myself, and yes I was totally jealous of Olivia! I loved his careful consideration streak whilst still having that little bit of a impulsive moment here are there. Most of the billionaire hero's in these reads are just impulsive without stopping to think what the heroine is feeling, Adam was impulsive but he also kept thinking about how Olivia would be feeling and relating it back to her past. His past was a real humdinger! I wanted to grab his father and smack him over the head and then bury his sorry butt in the sand for the sea turtles to carry off to a land where no one would ever find him again. The way Adam handles everything in life including his terrible very sad past was really unique, through this character the author showed that our past has so much influence on our future and it does teach us one thing but has our hearts wishing for something else, to what extent we allow it to influence our future decisions is what will separate us from the rest of the crowd.

The character of Olivia was awesome in so many ways. I loved her fun and spunky outlook on life, even though she is a bit of a bore here and there, and by that I mean she 's not really the party it up kind of girl and instead sees fun in life as something completely different, rather doing little things to make life fun like shopping instead of doing anything impulsive.  Her appreciation of landscapes, food and everything beautiful really made her pop from the pages, I wanted to be like her and be addicted to everything in life. Yet at the same time I kept feeling this overwhelming sadness because she only halfway embraces life because of her past and linking it back to the type of woman Adam is usually seen with. Her determination to meet with Adam's father really tore at my heartstrings, I loved her for it the one minute and the next I wanted to tell he to abandon the plan all together because I felt every single moment of possible rejection and anger with her during the buildup to the meeting. Through this character the author showed that life is full of risks, if we don't take the risk to discover what we desperately need to know we will always wonder, yes there is the chance that it will all fall flat and feel like it was for nothing, but at least we will know we gave it our all.

I am taking away many powerful messages from this read , life is about having fun, living it up a little every now and then, learning to see yourself through the eyes of another, letting go of the past and walking towards new future. The message that stood out the most is that even the most broken of people deserve to be happy, the trick is to not be in love with the idea of being happy but to be in love with the people around you that will help you make your ideas a reality and then you will for darn sure always be happy.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance reads! It had spunk, a crazy sexy plot, stunning backdrops, a hilarious and emotional dialogue , passionate pizzazz, and characters that will forever remain in my heart! I will be first in line for this author's next release.

5/5 star review
" He sees her sparkle, she sees him as the ultimate heartache"