Commanded By The Sheikh by Kate Hewitt

Reviewed by TashNz
5 stars
Commanded by the Sheikh
Kate Hewitt

If Aziz doesn't marry with the 6 weeks deadline the next Sheikh who will wear the Crown of Kadar is going to be voted in by a referendum.  Aziz's rival for the crown is Sheikh Khalil from Captured by the Sheikh.

A few days out from his marriage Aziz's intended is kidnapped.  With Queen Elena missing Aziz desperately needs a stand-in to impersonate Elena to his people, to keep them calm and to protect his throne while his people desperately search for Elena.  Aziz flies his housekeeper from his Paris residence and begs for her assistance.

Olivia is content with her solitary life in Paris.  She rarely sees Aziz and when she does it's usually after she's fed his latest conquest coffee the morning after and gently sent them on their way.  Wanting to support Aziz's bid for the throne, Olivia tentatively agrees to make an appearance on the balcony which unfortunately evolves into public appearances and then most shockingly - marriage.

Commanded by the Sheikh is almost the opposite of Captured by the Sheikh.  Captured by the Sheikh is fast and furious and passionate set mainly in the wilds of the desert that is Khalil's home while Commanded by the Sheikh is a beautiful and loving story set in the luxurious palace and surrounds that is Aziz's home.

Misunderstandings are rife yet they're magically mixed in with the emotion Kate Hewitt is famous for evoking in her readers. Beautiful descriptions flow with emotional moments that make your heart beat and the tears well.  After reading Captured by the Sheikh I thought Aziz would be a right ass and was looking forward to see how he could be redeemed.  I was wrong, Kate Hewitt has written Aziz as a proud man and has provided him a level headed, caring and genuine woman in Oliva.

Commanded by the Sheikh flows beautifully, it's full of emotion and steadily builds to the eventual meeting between Aziz and Khalil.  Aziz quickly realises the beauty that makes Olivia, both inside and out. He knows she's keeping secrets and gently coaxes her worries out of her. He knows he has feelings but like any proud man, he's wary about putting his heart on his shoulder.  Olivia fights her feelings.  She doesn't want to be another notch on Aziz's belt.  Olivia doesn't want to give her heart when she still feels crushed from the loss she's suffered and only a fool thinks a housekeeper can replace the beautiful Queen Elena, she'll only be cast aside when Elena is found... right???

Kate Hewitt's Commanded by the Sheikh is book two in the miniseries Rivals to the Crown of Kadar.  It can be read as a standalone however I highly recommend reading Book 1 first because then you can understand Aziz's drive and need to get married, a direct order from his father's will.

I am so honored to receive an ARC from Kate for my honest opinion. And I can honestly say I loved Commanded by the Sheikh and would recommend it for anyone who loves Sheikhs, beautifully written love stories in true Harlequin Presents style and anyone who loves connected books.

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Reviewed by Nas

COMMANDED BY THE SHEIKH by USA Today Bestselling author, Kate Hewitt is October 2014 release by Harlequin Presents.
Sheik Aziz al Bakhir asked his housekeeper Olivia Ellis to masquerade as his fiancée since she had been kidnapped by the rebels.
Though with misgivings, Olivia agreed. She had agreed to appear on the balcony for a few minutes in front of the whole kingdom, not kissing him though, did she? So why did she feel all tingly with a rush of passion when Aziz’s lips touched hers?
Did Aziz feel the same chemistry? But what would happen when the real fiancée would be found? Would Olivia still be needed as a stand-in?
COMMANDED BY THE SHEIKH is a fast-paced thrilling romance. It is full of intrigue and sparkles with sensuality and mesmerizing emotion. Author Kate Hewitt keeps her readers enthralled and glued to the story till the last page with her master storytelling.