Hot Rebel by Lynn Raye Harris

Hot Rebel
Lynn Raye Harris
Review by TashNz
5 Stars

Hot Rebel is a perfect example of when you think there is just no way the latest in a series can beat the previous stories - but totally does! Lynn Raye Harris has written another exciting, heart-pounding, edge of your seat, delicious installment of the HOT team.

Hot Rebel's first page landed me right in the middle of an Op and it was go go go for every exciting chapter thereafter. When the Op goes wrong the last person sniper Nick "Brandy" Brandon expects to fly through the door is Victoria. Victoria disappeared off the grid half way through sniper training three years ago. He never did know if she was kicked off or if she went AWOL or quit. Victoria's sniper skills were on par with Nicks and he remembers her well. Victoria however only has the memory of the constant teasing and ribbing Nick would constantly shower her with.

Fate works in mysterious ways and Nick and Victoria are thrown back together and have to work together to achieve their goals. They don't trust each other and having to rely on each other is completely foreign. The only thing they can trust is their feelings.

Nick has an elusive target he needs to eliminate but Victoria needs the target alive for her own personal reasons. For three years she's been searching the desert and finally she's within reach of the pot of gold.

Nick and Victoria sizzle together. They are a match made in heaven. Nick laughs in the face of his fellow buddies who are slowly falling one by one from the strike of Cupids arrow so guess who has the last laugh when Cupid sets Nick up in the firing line? With Cupid being a bit of a sniper Nick is lost. Victoria's beauty, skills, braveness, stubbornness, clear headedness, body, are all incredible to Nick. Victoria is ah-mazing! She's such a cool gal, she's fearless on the outside, she's got incredible skill and loyal to her family until the bitter end. And she's so brave - she takes the first tentative step with Nick. I loved the build up. Together Nick and Victoria had me experience many emotions, from tears of laughter, tears of joy all the way through to the sniffles only the pain a broken heart can cause.

The locations were described with such clarity I felt was like I was there right among it, when things went pear shaped my heart was pounding, when Nick and Victoria are captured I felt the fear, when Victoria has the Russian lined up in her sites, my breath was held. I felt every page.

The story flows and rolls along up and down with heart pounding excitement, the first thing I did when I reached the last page was let my breath out. There was so much front line action I wholeheartedly applaud #6.

Thank you so much for the Netgalley copy so I could provide my honest opinion. My honest opinion is that Hot Rebel totally deserves every single one of the five shiny stars I award it