One Step Too Far by Tina Seskis

Reviewed by Desere

Emily Coleman has what most woman want, okay so I lie she has what every woman wants, a happy marriage, a beautiful son and a lovely home. So what on earth makes her wake up one morning and simply walk away from it all? It's a mystery that plays out till almost the very end of this book.

All though there is not a lot of major romance in this book there is some, and it's enough to make your heart soar and of course make you wish for someone to love you in that special over the top, we can get through anything kind of way.

The bulk of the book does of course focus on Emily who takes on a new identity and starts a whole new life for herself. The book drifts in and out of flashbacks and current events taking place, but not really in that annoying,  this is just too much past , present, past , present manner. In fact it's completely the opposite, the author drags you in on the secrets and lies of this book just enough with one flashback to make you think " Eureka!" now I have this all figured out, and then she trows you back to the present day and Emily acting almost completely different in such a manner you immediately come back to thinking, " nope, thought I had it but simply just can't be".

Through a series of lies and secrets being exposed, various romances taking off and being destroyed and many twists and turns this book is an attention keeper all the way.

Of course I cannot tell you the secret and you will need to read the book to find out, but I will say from my side as a reviewer and a believer in always trying simply everything I can think of before giving up on anything in life, I will say this, when the Emily's secret is finally revealed I felt a little let down.

Not because the secret was not juicy enough, but because it just did not sound like the kind of thing that would make a woman just walk away and completely disappear by taking on a new identity. For this kind of problem there are other ways to handle it, but simply just taking off .

None the less the secrets are good, the lies are thrilling and the various relationships are very interesting.A real roller-coaster of a read!

4.5 star review

" Reality takes the past one step too far back" 

** Now available at Penguin Books South Africa