Bound for me by Natalie Anderson

Bound For Me (Be for Me, #4)

Reviewed by Desere

Savannah Nash is tired, emotionally and psychically. She's packed in back-to-back bar shifts and so is more than ready to head home and fall into bed for a good night's sleep.

But for one fleeing moment she let's her guard down and ends up escaping into a moment of passion-fueled fantasy with the sex on legs, six foot muscle packed temptation that is Connor Hughes.

It's his last night in town and it's not like they will see each other again, so no names, no repercussions and no regrets. It's the best night ever, until the truth comes out!

Connor is no other than the very man that lies behind Savannah 's reason for coming to Summerhill. He's the one she wanted to make pay.

Connor knows he should have confessed his true identity to the ' ice princess' sooner but,  instead of being cold as ice she turns out to be hotter than fire, and this discovery leads him to thinking that she's definitely hiding something, but what?

When he discovers that Savannah is in fact on a mission to destroy his company he immediately sets the wheels in motion for a little game of his own, because losing his company, not happening !  The woman hates him but she also wants him and he will use this to his every advantage , but what if it backfires? Who will be bound to who and where does the lines of lust and distrust begin and end. And just who is going to get burned?

The previous reads in this series were phenomenal and I honestly did not think the author could go bigger or better, but you know what she has done just that.  The story of Connor and Savannah was captivating and one of those reads that left me feeling like I never want to come back down to earth.

For a very long time after this read I felt like I was seeing Connor and Savannah everywhere I went. Their attraction for each other was so powerfully depicted in the read, that I felt it in the air for days afterwards.

I adored both Connor and Savannah , strong and determined characters that know what they want and go after it , no matter what, but with that really awesome touch of reality creeping in here and there, letting me as reader know they only try to stay strong and determined , underneath there is a whole lot more going on. And I could not wait for the author to lay it out for me, and of course when it was revealed I was over the moon and even more hooked on this story.

The plot was fast paced and packed with passion and a journey of revenge, romance, heartache surrender.  Great entertaining dialogue and terrific conflict! I am taking away a message of the future is where our heart lies, not the past and certainly not in the material. The trick is to recognize our future when it turns up in our arms instead of trying to steer it in the direction we think it has to go. If you push too hard you could end up losing it all.

I recommend this compelling, remarkable , captivating read for all lovers of romance. An incredible story of revenge meets it's match and walks right into the arms of love.

5/5 star review
" Brought together by lust, bound by love"