To Claim His Heir By Christmas by Victoria Parker

To Claim His Heir by Christmas

Reviewed by Desere

Five years ago Princess Luciana of Arunthia decided to let go of her duties and be a normal woman for a while, experience life and just have fun. 

What she found was more than just fun, it was heaven in the arms of a man whose every touch felt like paradise. But just as fast as he had rescued her, taken her to heaven and imprinted himself in her heart, it just as fast all went to hell. 

She discovered his true identity, Prince Thane of Galancia, her kingdom's enemy, so naturally she took off running, only with her she took a piece of Thane he could never know about. 

Now five years of solitude has passed and it's time for Luciana to pay her debt to her father, she will leave her secluded and very well protected home in China and travel back to Arunthia to take the crown, marry the man her father has chosen and live a life of well pure hell, for the sleazy excuse of a man she is to marry has a different woman in his bed every night and certainly makes her skin crawl, but she has no choice.

That is until Thane spies her again, and this time he has every intention of not letting her escape again, so he kidnaps her, seduces her all over again and is ready to walk her down the aisle and ensure that she does not need to marry anyone but him, the scene is set and it looks like this prince will finally have the perfect Christmas, that is until Luciana reveals her secret and just why she had to strike a bargain with her father. She has to return home and he has no choice but to let her go, again.  

I have been a fan of this author's books from the very first time I picked up her debut Princess in the Iron Mask, and ever since no matter the type of character or the type of setting she continues to amaze me. 

From hotter than hot race-car drivers to sexy kick ass bodyguards to delicious princes her characters steal my heart every time. She has the ability to take a ordinary every day sounding story and turn it into something so raw and so magical it simply leaves me breathless. 

The character of Thane was so commanding it actually made him scary but in a very sexy kind of way. I loved his forcefulness to fight for what he believes in, to stand up and fight for those that cannot and for never giving up hope finding the woman he loves. Of course he had his flaws but then show me the man that is perfect!

The character of Luciana was a heartbreaking one, I really felt bad for this poor woman. It cannot be easy to be forced to hide secrets , hide out in a corner of the world till a allocated time and then take a on a crown and responsibilities you never wanted, and in the process lose more of yourself because what you truly crave will simply never be. 

The author took these two characters on a simply remarkable journey of discovery, love, compassion and built an incredible bond. I am taking away a message of the past only binds us if we allow it to, when you know it's right, fight with all your might for the ones you love. 

I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance, it was sensational, passionate, compelling and a pure romantic masterpiece, and I will happily spend the rest of my days inside the pages of any story this author dreams up, she delivers with a bang each and every time. 

5/5 star review
" Fire and Ice come together to set off  the explosion of a lifetime"