Enemies With Benefits by Louisa George

Reviewed by TashNz
5 stars
Enemies With Benefits
by Louisa George

Enemies with Benefits is by Louise George and is a November 2014 Mills and Boon new release.  It's also part of the continuance series "The Flat in Notting Hill". 

I loved Enemies with Benefits.  It's an absolutely delightful story about Poppy and Isaac who have known each other forever.  Set during the festive season we happen across Poppy at home alone, determined not to feel sorry for herself while everyone is out all love-coupled up.  Having dragged out the beaten up Christmas tree, with a few vodkas and red wines under her belt Isaac walks in to find Poppy decked out with baubles and tinsel singing at the top of her voice she's happy to be all alone! Hilarious!  

Not sure what's driving her, whether it's the alcohol or whether she's just had enough of her boring life Poppy finally looks at Isaac for what he is, what she's been trying to ignore for a long time - a really REALLY good looking guy, a successful businessman who works extremely hard and who makes her zing in places that haven't zinged in a long time; someone who is always up for a good time, not a long time; the perfect someone who can show her what she's missed out on over the last 8 years during her self imposed celibacy.

The problem is Isaac is Poppy's brother's best friend.  They've all grown up together and for a while attended boarding school together.  Now Isaac happens to be one of Poppy's current flatties in her Notting Hill Flat so he's still going to be there in the morning.  They also have history.  Isaac has seen Poppy at her worst and has kept her mortifying teenage secret.  He thinks Poppy is just beautiful, but she's his best friend's little sister. That's the first of a million reasons he tells himself why he shouldn't go there but mice and fate have other things in mind for Poppy and Isaac and Enemies with Benefits is their refreshing, delightful, witty and often hilarious story of them finding each other and love.

Set in Notting Hill during the festive season, Poppy and Isaac are one of the four couples the series follows. This was my first introduction to the series and I'll be looking up the others. Poppy's friends are a great addition to the story and are weaved perfectly through out the story.  

Isaac is extremely likeable.  He is a very successful bar owner and is slowly building up his worldwide empire.  He is absolutely gorgeous but has just enough rogue in him to make him interesting and likeable and just plain gorgeous.  His point of view is a welcome addition and quite realistic in my opinion.  

Poppy may have ruled out a personal life for herself but that hasn't stopped her from becoming a successful obstetrics registrar.  The two complement each other quite nicely.  While Isaac sees grit and sleet, Poppy helps him sees magical snowflakes.  While Poppy see's mortification and embarrassment when everyone realises what has happened between the two, Isaac helps her see she's guilty of nothing but having fun.  The conversation between the two is brilliant! It was witty and hilarious as well as intense and heart thumping.  I turned the pages as fast as I could soaking up every single word.

How long can the fun last tho? What happens when Isaac is about to jet off to Europe? How do they end up working together and what on earth does mice have to do with anything?  Why did I laugh and laugh and why was I hooked on every enjoyable word?  Why did I feel like I was right there with Isaac and Poppy during their white-Christmas  when I'm actually sitting here in New Zealand on a beautiful and sunny and summery December day?  Read Enemies with Benefits and you will be sure to find out.

I gave Enemies with Benefits 5 stars because I didn't want to put it down, I felt a billion emotions, I enjoyed every word,  I thought it was the perfect Christmas read, I believed in the characters (I love Louisa George's characters) and I would definitely read it again and I would recommend it to all.  I sincerely hope anyone else who picks this up finds it as funny and refreshing and just as gorgeous as I did - I'm still smiling!

Reviewed by Nas
ENEMIES WITH BENEFITS by author Louisa George is a November 2014 release by Mills & Boon Modern Tempted.

Poppy Spencer was not too happy when flatmate Isaac Blair crashed her Christmas decorating and her drinking spree. She expected to be alone. Now with Isaac there and her intoxicated, there was no saying what could happen. But did something happen?

She had history with Isaac as he knew her secret. Her most vulnerable state and he had been there. But the shimmering chemistry between them is turning these enemies to something more!

ENEMIES WITH BENEFITS is a sensual romance with high emotional intensity. It is a sizzling tale of unexpected passions. I loved the action packed, fast-paced story with all the shimmering emotions. Author Louisa George will once again hook her readers with her mesmerizing story telling.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.