How to find a man in five dates by Tina Beckett

How to Find a Man in Five Dates (Mills & Boon Medical) (New Year’s Resolutions! - Book 1)

Reviewed by Desere 

Dr Miranda Dupris is fed up with men, aren't most woman? So for her New Year's resolution she's banning them all, there will be no relationships, just going on first dates, end of story!

But then sun-kissed doc Jack Perry arrives in a spray of perfect snow and soon it looks as if Mira might be destined to lose her $100 bet , and her heart.

I never knew this author's books existed until the day I discovered her work by accident in my local library, and since then I thank my lucky stars every single day for that an accident that changed my life.

She has the ability to take me on a journey of romances so strong and so mind blowing , it feels like am floating on a cloud nine for weeks afterward. This time she has certainly done it again!

 The character of Jack was all red hot fire, and I fell for this man straight from the start. Mira was a character I really connected with because we have all hit that " this is it I never want to do this again" " I hate men" point in our lives.

The entire read has a nice and even flow , but was not without a few twists and turns , which certainly proved my previous statements about this author's work, she just has a way of taking a story that seems like an everyday kind of thing and bringing it to life in such a manner it just seems like it's a bucket of cold water hitting you and suddenly revealing to you that this type of story is everywhere , you just never stopped to think about it.

I am taking away a message of sometimes we need to let go of a little something special to us in order to gain something that is more special than what we had.

I recommend this read for all fans of romance reads, it was fun, fresh and very entertaining!

5/5 star review
" Will she make it to date number five, or head for the hills or is that stay in the hills? " 

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