Breaking her no dating rule by Amalie Berlin

Breaking Her No-Dating Rule (Mills & Boon Medical) (New Year’s Resolutions! - Book 2)

Reviewed by Desere

Massage therapist Ellory Star needs a fresh start, and to make it happen she brings into play her New Year resolution, there will be no dating, until she's ready. But then again she did not count on getting snowed in with the super delicious ER Dr Anson Graves.

It's not long before Ellory must face the music and the fact that charming Anson might just be the one man she needs to break her no-dating rule for. New Year resolutions are meant to be broken, right ?

This author always writes stories that are somehow just as upbeat and fun to read as they are emotionally heartbreaking, I realize that does not sound like the best of combinations because when most readers sit down to read, they either want to cry their eyes out with joy or sorrow( yep those readers that crave heartache do exist) , or laugh their heads off. This author combines both and believe you me it. totally. works, each and every time!

When I read this author's debut not so long ago I was amazed by her creativity and the way she manages to take something totally wacky and turn it into something so beautiful there is simply no way you can forget it afterwards. This time she has done it again, and I could not have been more delighted to again step back into her mind and learn all there was to learn about Ellory and Anson.

Both characters were written with intensity and flair, the kind that pops from the pages and in some instances makes you do a double take. I loved Ellory's no dating resolution rule, it was something that happens every day in the lives of woman but something that most of us does not stop to think about, or  just what the outcome will be if it had to be us.

The author did an amazing job at putting me front and center for all the various emotions and questions running through the characters minds , and at one point I could so self involved in the character of Ellory it completely threw be for a loop when I realized suddenly sat up and realized I had been living the characters life so intensely I had forgotten about the world around me, just proved how brilliant this author is!

I am taking away a message of just when we think it's time to back away from love , it;s in fact the time to start looking around because love is waiting around the corner. It might not happen the way you imagined it, but if you blink it will be gone quicker than the strike of midnight.

I recommend this read for any and all romance readers. Intense, passionate, compelling and one heck of a ride!

4.5 star review
" When midnight comes, it's either a go or a no, which will she choose? "