Playing by the Greek's Rules by Sarah Morgan

Playing by the Greek's Rules

Reviewed by Desere

Lily Rose is the type of woman who believes in love, and in making sure the man she falls in love with ticks all the boxes on her " perfect man " list. But then she makes an error in judgement and instead get's her heart broken.

Her best friend suggests she take life a little less seriously and instead go with just red hot sex and not all the mussy gooey love stuff.  Lily being a very in touch with her feelings gal at first says no to the entire idea, but then she ends up sopping wet in the shower of no other than her boss, Nik Zervakis.

And she knows he is the complete opposite of her "perfect man " list, he's cold, detached at all times, in control and best of all she's 100  % sure the man will be dynamite in bed, after all he's able to turn her into a quivering pool of lust with a mere look.

They strike a deal, they will use each other for sex and nothing more, just one night of red hot out of control unbridled sex, then walk away as if it never happened. But the next morning a phone call extends their time together and it's a one way street for wild crazy sexy nights, just for a few more days they can enjoy each other's bodies, no big deal. Then the rules of the deal change and their wolds are turned up side down.

I really love reading books by this author, I always feel as if I am being enchanted into a world I never want to leave, but I always find a way or a new book to move on and let go of the characters, this time around am not sure I will be able to. Nik and Lily will definitely be with me till my last dying breath.

They were both the type of characters that leap from the pages immediately. Nik with his suave and arrogant charm, hiding behind power the pain from his past , and Lily with her always happy sunshine smile everywhere she goes.

The plot was one any author can dream up , but not every author can pull it all together quite like Sarah Morgan. Every line written was pure, raw writing brilliance. I felt every emotion and with each change blossoming in the characters I felt it, really felt it.

And the ending played out perfectly, not the " Awh, that's a nice ending", or " Okay not a bad ending, liked it about 50% " or even " Great ending but the not the twist I really wanted", no the ending played out exactly how I wanted it, and I am definitely sure each and every reader who picks up this book will agree with me wholeheartedly, it could not have been done with more perfection.

I am taking away a message from each of the characters, through Nik  I was shown just to what lengths anyone can and will go to protect themselves against hurt. And through Lily the author showed that no matter who we are or which background we come from, or what we have been through there is always someone who needs the sunshine that lives in all of us.

I highly recommend this read, it was sensual, crazy sexy, passionate, captivating and highly entertaining. Sarah has delivered another all round feel good red hot romance.

5/5 star review
" They play by the rules, but what happens when the rules are broken?" 

Reviewed by Nas

PLAYING BY THE GREEK’S RULES by author Sarah Morgan is a Harlequin Presents series release for February 2015.

By an accident Nic Zervakis comes home and finds a naked Lily Rose in his shower. But alas he was not alone, he had a date with him. And this said date got all affronted when she saw Lily in Nic’s shower, and walked off.

Now without a date, Nic takes Lily to the event he had to go. Lily is an archaeologist so Nik knew he would need her expertise at the event. But the chemistry between them rockets off the scale. And they end up in bed together.
Nic doesn’t do love or commitment and Lily wanted a fling. Would it work to both their advantage? 

PLAYING BY THE GREEK’S RULES is full of shimmering sensuality and is an emotional roller-coaster of a read. The chemistry between Lily and Nic is palpable. And the emotional intensity in the story would move a reader to tears many times and there are laugh out loud moments as well. The dialogue is fast and witty.  A reader would stay hooked to the pages from start to end.

 Highly recommended to all readers of romance.