The Italians Deal for I do by Jennifer Hayward

The Italian's Deal for I Do
The Italian's Deal for I Do
by Jennifer Hayward
Review by TashNz

The Italian's Deal for I Do is exactly how a Harlequin Presents / M&B Sexy should be written (in my opinion).  It has so much awesomeness packed into the pages I don't even know where to start.

I was captured from the first few pages with the brilliant descriptive writing.  Rocco, our insanely amazing hero, has found out some bad news about his Granddad's bad health and the words used to describe how his heart dropped and how he found it hard to swallow was incredible - I could feel his pain, I could imagine it as if it were me!  On his Grandad's deathbed he's told he must look after Olivia. Olivia who? Say what?

Olivia - a brilliant brilliant character I absolutely loved her! Well Rocco decides once he's found her that she's just a gold digging piece of work who's only sad about losing her cash cow and is so disgusted that this 20 something was lovers with his Grandad.  Olivia - ex world famous model - dreams of nothing more than designing, it's in her blood and she'll do anything to achieve her dreams.  Of course things aren't as they seem and Liv is just as disgusted Rocco clearly things so little of his Grandfather.

The incredible writing, brilliant descriptions and emotions continued to flow right through to the last page.  I loved this story so much because it had loads of drama, the story flowed perfectly and the characters were written in such a way that I was so, so fully invested in them as well as Rocco's three best friends.  I can.not.wait to read their stories!!!  Rocco was the perfect stubborn hero, loved him to bits and Olivia was definitely his perfect match.  I loved her unique story and I loved the road they traveled to reach the last page.

Lucky enough to know how beautiful Pachelbel's Cannon is, that part of the story was beautiful! If you aren't familiar with it, look it up.  or my daughter's flute group, not bad for 12 year olds...

All I can say is THANK YOU Jennifer Hayward for writing such an incredible story, #1 in the Society's Wedding series.  Thank you thank you thank you! (and thank you very much for the ARC, my honest opinion is it was faaaabulous and I want more lol)

6 Stars :D


Reviewed by Desere

Everyone hits a time in life when we would rather run from our demons than face them head on , but what would happen if you were called out of hiding and forced to face the demons?

Would you survive it, or simply take the easy way out yet again by running as far and fast you can? In this read we meet Olivia, once she was a high class supermodel with the world at her feet, then suddenly she disappeared off the face of the earth, leaving her adoring fans and the press in complete wonder as to why.

Rocco has just lost his beloved grandfather, but he's ready to take over the company he helped bring to the heights of the fashion industry, only when he is told he will not have sole control until he presents a well mannered settled down image, he has to form a plan and fast or the board will bring him crashing down and everything he has worked for will be lost.

As Rocco starts looking for a way to salvage his hard work, he discovers one of his grandfather's many secrets, the world famous Olivia has been hiding out in his grandfather's apartment! She's the secret weapon he needs and he knows just how to make her play the game. But Olivia left behind her wild supermodel life for good reason, and going back will destroy her, how to make Rocco understand and hold onto her dreams is a mission she has no idea how to complete and when the time for 'the walk' comes she takes off running, again.

I have come across many books that involved amazing characters that afterwards lived in my mind for days afterwards, but I can with all honesty say that never have any of the characters showed up in my dreams! Yet, Rocco was so powerful and a in your face force , that I guess my mind simply could not help bringing him to life in my dreams, I know it sounds weird, I mean this is a character in a book, not a real life person. But I will say that I think it is testament to this author's magic talent, being able to climb inside the dreams of your readers is not something just any author is able to do, excellent job Jennifer!

The character of Rocco was more than just the typical arrogant bastard type found in these types of reads, I felt more up close and personal with this character than any other I have ever read before, his pain, hurt and anger was screaming at me from the first page. Yes, lots of other hero's pain in other reads have driven me to bawl my eyes out, but with Rocco is was more raw, I very desperately wanted to see this man happy.

The character of Olivia was not the typical " Ohhh look at me, I am so pretty", supermodel type that I have found in some other similar reads about supermodels going off the deep end. The author really dug deep and pulled the helpless, lost and out of control Olivia from her self created little protective bubble. I felt the heartache and sorrow, and the intense feeling of wanting to stay in control simply because you've seen things no person needs to see, and I was over the moon with joy with the manner the author used to pull this helpless heroine from the ashes and let her stand out from the crowd once more.

I am taking away a message of some of us will fall in love and along the way lose that love, but it's just part of life's way to shape you and show that there is something or someone else we need to face before out final happiness is found. But running away from our problems and using our past to hide from our real feelings, is never the answer.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance reads, it sizzled with red hot attraction, brought me to tears of heartbreaking sorrow and joy, and best of all showed me that anything can be overcome, all we need to do is find the will to push forward and slay the dragons.

5/5 star review
" Together they can slay the dragons from the past, but will it be enough?" 

Reviewed by Nas
THE ITALIAN’S DEAL FOR I DO by author Jennifer Hayward is a March 2015 release by Harlequin Presents.

On his deathbed, Rocco Mondelli’s grandfather uttered the words for Rocco to look after Olivia Fitzgerald. After which Rocco finds out that his grandfather had kept Olivia in a multi-million dollar villa in Paris, if she was not his mistress then who was she?

Trying to discover the truth about Olivia, Rocco falls for her charms. And then he hatches a plan to offer a deal to Olivia. Would she agree to his deal? What would happen when Rocco discovers the secret Olivia is hiding about why she can’t walk the catwalk again?

THE ITALIAN’S DEAL FOR I DO is a powerful story of red-hot passion, misunderstanding in relationships and redemption. Author Jennifer Hayward did justice to her characters Rocco and Olivia by bringing out tender emotion, sizzling sensuality and ultimately this was an uplifting romance.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.