The Chatsfield Book Eight: Heiress's Defiance by Lynn Raye Harris

Reviewed by Desere

This is book number eight in the Mills and Boon The Chatsfield series, this time we meet the eldest of the Chatsfield's.

Lucilla has always been the one to keep the family together, taken care of everything she could, which of course is a great responsibility and as we all know , with great responsibility comes great sacrifice.

Lucilla has never really stopped to look for love, she is simply jut too busy trying to keep it all together, she faces each day head on and let's nothing stand in her way. That is until the force that is Christos Giatrakos. Not only has he been put in charge of the family business but also in charge of Lucilla.

She's naturally outraged and vows to fight back with all she has. But Christos is not the kind to back down and simply roll over. Although returning back to a world he never wanted to step foot into again, he's prepared to do whatever it takes to reach his end goal.

And right here is where this read shouts, clash of the titans, game on! I loved the conflict in this read, it was fun one minute and spicy the next. It did resemble other reads in the same line, because there is always conflict, but the author let it somehow play out with more passion and the conflict alone took on a life of it's own, making this read highly entertaining.

The characters were both extremely well written, both determined and forceful in everything they do, and of course the heat building in between the bouts of anger was fabulous!

Not wanting to spoil the read for anyone, I can't say too much more except that the ending of this read was as perfect as they come, and took my breath away.

I am taking away a message of to walk away from problems is never the answer, yes it is the easy solution but can you really escape? The answer is definitely no, because somewhere alone the line the problems are going to break through the defenses you lined up and you will need to face it, so why run in the first place, deal with it instead the minute it arrives because if you walk away you are walking into a world far worse than the problems you had to face in the past.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance reads, it was a roller coaster of conflict, passion, glitz and glam and sexy romance., and by far my favorite from the entire series.

5/5 star review
" The fight to gain control is on,but who will walk away as the winner?"