It Started With No Strings by Kate Hardy

Reviewed by Nas
IT STARTED WITH NO STRINGS by author Kate Hardy is  October 2014 release by Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance series.

Joni Parker for once took her friend’s advice and had a fling with a stranger. Next morning she quietly leaves the stranger’s bed and goes on about her life.

Imagine her surprise when she finds out her new boss, consultant Aaron Hughes was the stranger! Awkward much? But they decide not to mention ‘that night’ and pretend they just met. Yet the scorching chemistry between them sparkles up all the time they come near each other. 

Aaron was a no-commitment guy and Joni had been burnt before, dare they take the next step? Would they?

Read author Kate Hardy’s IT STARTED WITH NO STRINGS to find out how this gorgeous hero and strong heroine overcome the obstacles to reach to their happy ever after. It is a full on emotional drama. 

Highly recommended for all readers of medical romance.


Reviewed by Desere

The words " Blame it on...."  have always been the response of most people when they realize they should have known better and there in actual fact is no real excuse, so you grasp at whatever you can.

In this read from the very talented Kate Hardy is the champagne getting the blame. At a London salsa club ( sexy as all heck I will add) consultant Aaron Hughes catches sight of the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. He doesn't do relationships but one night of fun with a perfect stranger can't hurt, or can it?

Registrar Joni Parker, dancing and sipping champagne is just what the Dr. ordered to remedy her what-would -have-been-wedding -night. Until she finds an even better cure, her very first ever fling! It's excitement overload! But what starts with no strings turns into one big old complication when Aaron walks into the hospital on Monday morning as the new consultant.

This was an incredibly sexy read from start to finish I was hooked over and over by the absolutely brilliant chemistry between Aaron and Joni, talk about setting the pages alight! I adored Aaron to absolute bits, all I wanted to do was grab him and keep him to myself. The author gave him the perfect balance of non - committal but willing to try for the right reasons , I loved every minute!!

And Joni, oh my gosh my heart shattered into a million pieces for this poor heroine, the author put me front and center for every single drop of emotion this heroine experienced, her heartache, the shame, the hope and the very real reality she had to face.

This is one of those reads that if I dare to go on with my review I will without a doubt spoil it, because it's a book that I will ever stop talking about it was that good! So am going to only add that if there is only one medical romance you read this year, make it this one.

Emotionally packed, drama filled, shocking revelation filled and a gorgeous romance that tells of hope and new beginnings.

5/5 star review
" No strings, just fun, until the Monday after !"