Breaking the Boss's Rules by Nina Milne

Reviewed by Desere

Joe McIntyre has three rules when it comes to dating:

1. Never mix business with pleasure
2. One night only!
3 Never look back.

Imogen Lorrimer knows that her temporary boss is completely way far off base and totally wrong for her so why does the man insist one appearing in her dreams.. naked! ? Perhaps it's time for Imo to try out his infamous dating rules herself, she'll either enjoy it or hate it, what's the worse that could happen?

One business trip to Paris later and they kiss goodbye rule number one, then Imo agrees to be Joe's plus one at a wedding, and right here is where sticking to rule number two and three becomes really hard, so very, very hard.

Any woman who has ever had a hotter than hot boss will tell you , it's really difficult to concentrate on work and if he shows up in your dreams naked ah heck it's even worse. So that idea alone as a plot in this book was absolutely brilliant! Well done Nina !

I really liked Mr I don't break the rules Joe, smart, fun and had that really nice charmer attitude going for him, even though I thought he was a bit too out there at times, he was still a nice guy. The whole vibe between these two characters was fresh and funky but also had that certain out there flair that left me in awe of just how amazing this author's writing is. I laughed out load so many times I recon those around me thought I was mad, had there been someone the room that is, so thankfully I have not been dragged off to an institution for bursting out laughing too loudly in public, all though that would be fine too, I could read Nina's books all day!

I highly recommend this read for all fans of fresh, fun, funky crazy sexy reads out there, Nina brings her A game and it's a total slam dunk of romantic epicness!

5/5 star review
" One , two, three whoops no more rules left  ! "