Bound by a Baby Bump by Ellie Darkins

Reviewed by Desere 

Rachel Archer has every single little detail of her life planned, down to the last letter. It's what makes her feel safe and as if nothing unexpected can throw her off kilter.

Then gorgeous knock-my -socks-off - always living the life of a free spirit Leo Fairfax tempts her to live on the wild side, just for one night.

That one magical night changes both their lives forever, when they discover that Rachel is pregnant! It's the kind of disorganized mess Rachel did not expect, and Leo well he has quite the job ahead trying to convince Rachel that he's sticking around for her and the baby and no matter what he will win her heart. But Rachel did not organize any space in her heart for anyone not a baby and certainly not a man!

This was one of those reads that clearly shows how truly beautiful love between opposites can be and how the news of a baby can make people re-asses, rearrange and ultimately find the perfect balance needed to cement love into an unbreakable bond. And most importantly that nothing is set in stone, everyone is capable of change.

I loved the character differences to bits! Rachel trying so hard to re-organize her life back into a neatly ticked box was really fun to read, and Leo trying beyond hard to let go of his free spirit lifestyle in order to show Rachel he will be around for everything being a parent entails. It truly was like watching a very prim and proper princess being knocked off her throne and a soldier having to learn how to stay in one place for once.

The author's writing was really great, a nice even flow, none of all the going back and forth battles and then going around and around again and again. The battles were there of course otherwise it would not have been a romance book, but the battles were as I said not dragged out and played out over and over again as I have found to be the case in many of the Cherish line books.

The romance blossoming between Rachel and Leo was so masterfully done and with such raw deeply heartfelt emotion that for the most part whilst reading I had a constant supply of Kleenex ready.

A truly magical journey that will give any romance reader that falling in love rush from start to finish Watch out for this author, guaranteed she will be taking romance to new heights !

5/5 star review
" One night, nine months , a lifetime " 
 Reviewed by Nas

BOUND BY A BABY BUMP by author Ellie Darkins is a May 2015 release by Mills & Boon Cherish.

Rachel Archer had it all figured out. Her life and what she wanted from it. She had planned everything out. Until her plans are thrown out by a wild night of passion with artist Leo Fairfax.

And from the consequences of that night. Now what will happen to Rachel’s plans? And could Leo allow his life to be planned out by someone else? Will he commit? For he is a free spirit.  

BOUND BY A BABY is a sweet tender romance. It brings together two people so opposite to each other that as a reader I couldn’t help wondering if they would get together at the end. Author Ellie Darkins brought this story to life on the pages which would hold a reader’s attention and keep her wondering to the very end. 

Recommended for all readers of romance.

Reviewed by Helen

Bound By A Baby Bump Ellie Darkins Mills & Boon Cherish May 2015 release

This is a story that will keep you guessing as two people that are so different in their views and so very opposite spend one night of passion that leaves Rachel pregnant. Rachel is so organized and must have a plan and Leo is so opposite to this he is more easy come easy go and does not like to feel trapped they both have good reasons for this and I really enjoyed seeing them overcome their differences and I loved how they opened up to each other and fell in love in such a beautiful way and the epilogue is wonderful I do recommend this one it really is a story that will keep you turning the pages and smiling and the setting at Leo's place is beautiful who doesn't love the seaside.

5/5 stars a  fantastic story.