Out of Bounds - Lynn Raye Harris

Game For Love: Out of Bounds (Kindle Worlds Novella)

Reviewed by Desere 

Lynn Raye Harris has a remarkable talent for being able to write anything and everything , and it always turns out to be absolutely flipping awesome!

No matter the type of hero or how odd the heroine, she is able to take it, make it spectacular and entrance any reader.

This time she took a seriously hot pro-football player facing grief and a seriously ticked off bride, conjured up a storm and voila, out comes one totally off the charts, hotter than hot , sexier than any sweaty badboy football player you can see on screen, read!

It all starts when Malcom returns home for his twin brother's funeral, lost in his own personal world of grief he does not expect to find the very seductive Sabrina Miller walking along the road, dragging a suitcase and dressed in a wedding dress. It's not a sight anyone sees each day and of course it's enough to grab his attention.

Then a storm hits and two lost souls are brought together in spectacular fashion, and in that absolute perfect hot, sexy , passionate, make my knees go weak, blow my mind, touch the very heart of my soul manner that only Lynn Raye Harris can make happen.

Both characters were written with fierce intensity and for such a sort read the author still managed to bring me into the minds, heart and soul of both characters, all the way. I have found that a lot of short reads gives just, just enough insight into the characters yet the characters are never fully developed and thus always leaves me feeling like I missed some critical part of the puzzle, in this read it was so not the case, brilliant work Lynn!

It took me an hour to read this one but it is an hour I would gladly offer up again and again and again and again ! Fast paced, hot, sexy, passionate, intense my list can go on and on. The book had everything I as reader need for the perfect little escape.

I have said it before but I will say it again over and over until the whole world knows it, this author can take any type of hero, any type of heroine, any type of challenge , any backdrop and any kind of other scenario you can think of, and turn it into one of the most captivating, alluring, simply off the Richter scale escape all readers crave, and with this read she has certainly proven it once again.

I could say so much more about this read, but it would definitely ruin it for all readers , because if I were to go on I would for darn sure not stop. So I will only add that if you are in need of a super sexy hero, a kiss-my-ass kind of heroine and a love story that proves the game of love really is about the the way the players play it, then this read is absolutely one you need to add to your reading list.

Lynn Raye Harris is more than just an author, she's the number one star in a world where seriously bringing your A-game means everything, and she does it with such amazing perfection it will blow your mind!

5/5 star review
" They believe they are out of bounds to the game of love, but their hearts are about to prove them wrong"