The CEO'S Baby Surprise by Helen Lacey

Reviewed by Nas

THE CEO’S BABY SURPRISE by Helen Lacey is Harlequin Special Edition release for April 2015.
Unable to ignore the sizzling chemistry, Mary-Jayne Preston gave in to passion and had a fling with the CEO of the hotel group where she was looking after a boutique for her friend. She walked away the next morning before Daniel Anderson even woke up.

Yet Daniel doesn’t think one night was enough and he pursued her. But she thwarted all his effort. She knew widower Daniel had closed off his heart to love and commitment. Wanting it all, she was not ready to be Daniel’s short-term fling. 

Then she found out that one night had consequences and she was pregnant. Would she tell Daniel? And what would Daniel do? Would he commit to her for his twin sons she’s carrying or for the love he had in his heart for MJ? Would MJ accept Daniel’s proposal of marriage knowing he was doing the honorable thing only?

THE CEO’S BABY SURPRISE is a story that will stay with a reader long time after she closes the book. It has that momentous impact by all the emotion depicted in this romance. Another shimmering and mesmerizing romance full of breathtaking emotions from author Helen Lacey.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance. 


Reviewed by Maria

Mary Jayne Preston is quite a firecracker.  Even when extremely  pregnant and in the worst predicament in which a woman can find herself, she has a cracking sense of humour that makes her a joy to read.  The man who’s gotten her into this situation had better watch out!

Daniel Anderson suffered beyond anything anyone could imagine when he lost his wife and unborn child in an accident.  But now that he has the feisty Mary Jayne in the family way, and a family is literally what she’s carrying, he has a second chance to have the love and the family of which he’d always dreamed.  But Mary Jayne isn’t going to step into another woman’s shoes so easily.

She’s strong and gutsy and ready to take on the world as a single mom.  And although Daniel’s a successful businessman and would make a great husband, she’s not sure if she can buckle down and settle for the white picket fence and the perfect family.  She’s a free spirit indeed.

I enjoyed revisiting Crystal Point and catching up with what my favourite characters are doing.  But be warned!  This is not what you might call a predictable story.

So what’s it to be?  Read and enjoy!  This family story is lots of fun.

Reviewed by Janie

"The CEO's Baby Surprise" by Helen Lacey is a quick, easy and lovely read. We have Mary-Jayne Preston, M.J., who is one of the good girls. She is watching her friends boutique in a hotel and meets Daniel. Daniel Anderson is the CEO of the hotel and sweeps M.J off her feet. 

After a very HOT one night together M.J. leaves but Daniel wants more time together with her intimately, and she is looking for more than being the girl he comes to just for sex. Daniel who is a widower whose wife and unborn child died wants the fun, but not the commitment. That is until he finds out their one night has consequences and M.J. is pregnant.

You'll love this story. It makes you root for this couple and hope that things turn out well in the end. Much more to the book than what I've given you but it is definitely worth the read.



Reviewed by Desere

The saying never say never comes true in this wonderful read from Helen Lacey. Mary-Jane Preston never does one night stands until she comes face to face with an out of control attraction that completely overpowers her. The attractions comes in the form of Daniel Anderson, he's devastatingly handsome , suave and everything a girl could want,except for the last four years he has made sure to never let his guard down, letting it slip will just bring tragedy to his life again.

So when Mary-Jane informs him that their one night stand has resulted in her being pregnant with twins , he 's all for marriage to make sure their twins are protected but falling in love with her is the one thing he refuses to do. But Mary-Jane doesn't just want his ring and his protection she wants his heart and fight to get it is what she will do.

This is one of those books that will stay with romance readers for a long time after the last page has been read. I adored the character of Mary-Jane, even with everything the world of an unexpected pregnancy brings she still holds her head high, and even still sees the humor in life. Spunky, fun and just so very likable, that I doubt any reader will be able to find fault with her.

Daniel was the one that my heart broke for, the heartache and loss he faced in the past really is something no one ever has to go through. He is a truly broken man and of course in desperate need of some serious tender loving care. But as we all know not every broken person wants to let anyone in so the author letting Mary-Jane be this really awesome in your face try and make me go away kin of character was really neat.

It's a stunning story of romance, new hope and all set within the perfect bubble of beautiful writing. I highly recommend this read for all lovers of romance journeys with powerful emotion and a message of there is always being a new tomorrow.

5/5 star review
" One night and nine months leads to the road to of happiness "