Tempted by Her Billionaire Boss by Jennifer Hayward

Reviewed by TashNz 
5 out of 5
Tempted by her Billionare Boss
by Jennifer Hayward 

I'm going to have to expand my top 6 authors list to top 7 because I cant bare to kick any off the list to add Jennifer Hayward, and add her I must!

I've just finished Tempted by her Billionaire Boss and I give it a solid 5 out of 5. Jennifer Hayward has such a magical ability with her writing.  Her descriptive writing is so emotive and I honestly feel like I'm right there amongst it. Tempted by her Billionaire Boss is no exception.  From the exceptional start where Francesca first meets Harrison  face to face in a the office right thru to the glowing conclusion Jennifer has wrapped me up in her phenomenal way of telling a story and I've once again, lost all track of time and completely left the washing pile and vaccuming to be done "later".

Frankie is P.A to Coburn, Harrison's brother.  Coburn lends Frankie to Harrison when Harrison's P.A goes into labor.  Harrison has a reputation as a P.A slayer so Frankie is apprehensive and jittery at the thought of working for Harrison and their first meeting is hilarious and as unconventional as one can imagine but it's the start of something amazing.  Together they go on a emotional and heartfelt journey as Harrison is hell bent on exacting revenge for his father's death.  Frankie is the light to Harrison's dark and the two clash but opposites attract and for once Harrison questions his motives.

Tempted by Her Billionaire Boss is such a solid story because the characters are developed, the story is believable and the pace is set at the perfect pace.  I liken it to popping a hot water bottle into bed... it slowly warms up to a sizzling temperature.  I am so loving Frankie and Harrison's story and Coburn was built up in such the perfect way i can.not.wait to read his story in October 2015. I can't even begin to think how he is tamed.

Tempted by her Billionaire Boss isn't a cliche Boss/Secretary story, it's solid and builds up and each character is fully developed, in fact Frankie is so lovely I wish she was one of my friends.  I love her family and I almost wish her brother Salvatore gets his story too.  I loved that they stayed in the Chatsfield and I loved the realistic way Harrison was written.

If you've read my reviews for JH before you'll know I love the angst and drama she creates. This one doesnt have the angst but instead has the classic building to a crescendo story.  Thank you again Jennifer Hayward - you are an amazing writer and I just want more and more :)  Thank you for the ARC for my honest opinion.  My honest opinion is that you are an incredible writer and you truly tug the strings in my heart :)

June 2015 release
The Tenacious Tycoons Series

Tempted by Her Billionaire Boss (The Tenacious Tycoons #1)

Reviewed by Desere

Everyone knows making a good impression on your boss in the first 24 hours is always the key to making yourself known as capable to pull anything and everything off. .

So of course when Francesca Masseria is more than just mortified when her new boss discovers her sitting in the chair of his PA's, shoe-less, skirt riding up showing off legs and stockings , bottle of wine on hand and to top it all off she hits the panic button and has him placed in handcuffs.

Harrison Grant is less than impressed with Francesca's escapades but because he discovers she's the replacement PA he pretty much has no choice and tries to smooth over the disastrous first encounter. First things first he has to focus on the ultimate revenge deal of his career and Francesca has some skills that will come in handy.

Secondly all he has to do is ignore the sexy dreams his mind has started conjuring up ever since the handcuff incident, and last but not least he cannot under any circumstances allow Francesca to get under his skin, it will ruin her. With is cold heart and ability to shut the world out, it should be easy, but then he allows Francesca a glimpse into his heart and his entire plan falls apart.

This is by far the sexiest book this author has written, from page one there is this overwhelming in your face sexual chemistry between the hero and heroine that is so strong it leaped from the pages and dragged me into their world. I absolutely adored the conflict moments, it was as if I was right there for fire and ice coming together for the number one game of the year.

The character of Harrison is the typical cold hearted bastard found in these reads, but with a whole lot more depth. The author did not just give him the cold attitude with the little glimpses of warmth, she layered this man out with so many layers and each and every single layer revealed was like discovering a new hero. I loved Harrison's passion for revenge, of course I know that revenge is never the answer to anyone's past misfortunes, it never makes you feel any better and it drains the life out of you. But the author let his mission for revenge seem so valid and so real that I actually wanted him to execute it, and that is a definite sign that an author knows exactly what she's doing. Through this character the author certainly showed just how convincing revenge can seem when in actual fact there is a whole other message one needs to be seeking.

The character of Francesa was well in the simplest way I know how to explain it, me. I saw myself through this character, I am just like her always making sure my work is up to date, the long hours, the making sure all i's are dotted and t's are crossed to ensure my boss looks like the professional the world needs him to be, of course there are plenty of woman out there that do exactly the same, not everyone's boss of course is the sexy Harrison, and thankfully not all of us leave our boss in handcuffs the first time we meet him!

But we push ourselves beyond our limits and most of the time we, and just as Francesca, we don't realize that our hard working nature is causing us to miss what other's are able to see. That we mean more to certain people than what we want to believe , and that when the time comes for us to see it, we will need to remember to push the ourselves to believe we can achieve happiness just like we achieve success in our workplace.

This read was perfect and had everything that makes me fall in love with HP 's books a super sexy hero that goes from being pretty much a real zero to the ultimate hero, a heroine that totally rocks and the simple yet very elegant plot that had me hanging onto the edge of my seat. Tempted by her Billionaire Boss is a true gem of a read, passionate, sexy, fun, flirtatious, emotional, heartwarming the list of perfection goes on and on. This author is one  that will go down in history as an absolute master of the romance craft.

I will also add that during this read I was also introduced to Harrison's brother , and my oh my what a brother he is, the author gave me just enough info to wet my appetite and I cannot wait to read all about Coburn and his guaranteed brought to his knees downfall.

I highly recommend this read for all romance lovers, if you are in need of an escape into the world of true reach into the depth of my soul romance this is the book to pick up.

5/5 star review
" Temptation is the ultimate downfall, or is it the rescue by the angel he's always needed?"

Reviewed by Nas
TEMPTED BY HER BILLIONAIRE BOSS by author Jennifer Hayward is a June 2015 release by Harlequin Presents series.

Francesca Masseria is temporary sent to work for tycoon Harrison Grant as a PA. She is determined to do her best, as she knows Harrison’s personal assistants do not last very long. However, mishap happens on her first day. For some reason she gets all worked up and flustered when Harrison comes near. 

Harrison’s sleeping passions awake when he saw Frankie for the first time. And he can’t afford any distractions but all he could think about now was Frankie. Could he persuade her that he was not all bad? 

What about the lightening attraction between them? Would they act on it and bring their passion to its natural conclusion? 

TEMPTED BY HER BILLIONAIRE BOSS is a fast-paced sizzling story set amidst the high-powered world of boardrooms. We get to see the inner world of billionaire tycoons and their love lives. Author Jennifer Hayward did it once again. She brought this romance shimmering with sensuality and emotions that takes a reader on a journey of escapism from which she may never want to return.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.

Reviewed by Helen
5/5 Stars for a fantastic story
WOW this is a sizzling and sensual story of a hero that is after revenge and a heroine who is just the person the hero needs she is good caring and very honest and open.

I loved this story from start to finish MS Hayward really knows how to pull you in with her characters she makes them real and brings the best out in them Francesca Masseria comes from a big loving family and is open with her opinions while Harrison Grant although from a loving wealthy family tragedy strikes him at a young age and leaves him wanting revenge he now heads up the family business and there is also thoughts of him going into politics but first after years he is just about to get his revenge but when his PA goes on maternity leave early he is left with a new PA Francesca and he is hard to work with but Francesca is strong determined and a very hard worker their first meeting is a doozy one that will have you smiling but this starts a journey to a HEA that has its ups and downs but is heart-warming as Harrison finally opens up to someone and Francesca gets him to see some truths about himself.

This is a beautiful story that I read in one sitting I really couldn't put is down it is rich in sensuality and emotions the characters are real and believable and I highly recommend this story and I look forward to many more from MS Hayward .