Captive of Kadar by Trish Morey

Captive of Kadar

Captive of Kadar (Desert Brothers #3)Trish Morey

Reviewed by Helen

5/5 stars for this awesome story

Loved this one it is so very sensual and sexy you will need a fan and tissues as you journey through a very scenic Turkey and this is a place I now want to visit thanks to the descriptions in this story I do love my arm chair travelling but this story is beautiful heart warming and so very up lifting as Kadar finally opens up to someone other than his Desert Brothers Amber is the first woman ever that Kadar has felt he can talk to open up to and eventually fall in love with but he still does not fully trust her till the end. Amber Jones is on holiday in Turkey after being let down horribly by her ex and after reading part of her great great great grandmothers diary she decides to follow in her footsteps and see if she can find any clues to what really happened to her all those years ago all she has is a very pretty bracelet and part of the diary but when she arrives on her own and the tour she has book is cancelled and there is problems in the market she meets a man that she is so attracted to and she ends up in his care for the time that she is in Turkey. This story is hot and steamy as Kadar and Amber spend the days sight seeing and the nights in passion filled enjoyment be prepared for a journey that is filled with ups and downs as these two fall in love and open up to each other but trust is the last to come and it takes the insight of Mehmet Kadar's friend to make Kadar see the truth. Don't miss this one it is the third book in The Desert Brother's series and all of them have been wonderful and I am very much looking forward to Rashid's story.