The Billionaire's Bodyguard Bride by Lisa Weaver

Reviewed by Desere

The Billionaire's Bodyguard Bride
Lauren Reynolds grew up lying to protect herself and now as bodyguard it's pretty much was helps her to do her job with perfection. But when her new target of security Rafe Dimitriou makes his appearance it's a bit like mixing oil and water, because Rafe was raised to uphold a strict code of honor. The sexy billionaire 's most formidable competitor, Milton Payne isn't as scrupulous.

Both Rafe and Milton are vying to gain control of Gracious Living, and in order to make an offer the company requires the buyer to be married. Rafe needs a bride and he has the perfect solution Lauren! But to what to do to get her to play along, blackmail her of course it's what any billionaire would do. The blackmail scam works perfectly in Rafe's favor when Lauren agrees to marry him, but is she really doing it to get away from his blackmailing scam or does she know more than she is willing to tell her new husband?

I really enjoyed this read, it had a nice fast pace and excellent drama. An awesome dark and dangerous hero that I will add , get's more and more dangerous as the read gets deeper and deeper, and it was all kinds of super sexy!The character of Lauren was the perfect combination of kick-ass heroine meets knows how to survive meets her match , and reading about her was truly exhilarating.

Now creating a kick ass heroine and a super sexy dangerous ass all hell hero is easy , I find them in plenty of reads, but combining them with a truly great suspense filled plot, is something not all authors I've read , have been able to do. But this author totally nailed it!

Lots of action packed scenes filled with a large dose of awesomeness. Steamy and I do mean really steamy sex scenes and best of all drama, drama and more drama ! And the emotion being depicted, all I can say is " Oh my gosh" really had be grabbing for the tissues and there were countless moments of " No that did not just happen!" " Oh man too funny!"

It's a action packed, romantic, knock your socks off read that is not to be missed. Best of all it has a lovely message of trust and second chances always being able to happen when we find hope.

Highly recommended romance, and perfect for a lazy escape into romance, afternoon.

5/5 star review
" Guarding her husband is easy, it's guarding her heart that has her running as fast as her feet can carry her!"


Reviewed by Nas 

THE BILLIONAIRE’S BODYGUARD BRIDE by Lisa Weaver is an Amazon Kindle Press release for May 2015.

Lauren Reynolds had misconceptions when she faces Rafe Dimitriou again. She didn’t want to see him ever again. He was the man who had unceremoniously broken her heart yet here he was. Standing in front of her, asking her to see him.

Could she survive this encounter with him with her heart intact?

Read THE BILLIONAIRE’S BODYGUARD BRIDE and find out why Rafe was back in Lauren’s life. Author Lisa Weaver brought this mesmerizing romance with a gorgeous hero and a strong heroine, the ensuing result sparkles on the pages. 

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.

Reviewed by Helen

Who doesn't love a Greek hero and Mr tall dark and dangerous Rafe Dimitriou fills hero shoes very well he is running the family company with his father but Rafe is a very honest and trustworthy hero as well as all of his other assets and when he saves Lauren Reynolds from the sea in Greece he falls for her as does Lauren for Rafe the spark between them is instant but Lauren has secrets that she must keep to herself she is a bodyguard that works for Sentinels Agency providing covert protection services and when the assignment that Lauren is on cause problems for Rafe's family they go their separate ways with Rafe being stuborn and not listening and both carry on with their lives never forgetting the other.

But a few years later Rafe turns up in New York with a question for Lauren he needs her help and she is not willing to help but when Sentinels takes on a new assignment and that is to protect Rafe Lauren agrees but this is going to be a tough assignment being Rafe's wife for a year for two reasons one so as Rafe can obtain a new magazine for his company and two Lauren needs to protect Rafe and keep all of this to herself knowing how much Rafe does not like dishonesty.

This is a sizzling adventure as Lauren and Rafe rekindle the spark that never left but with so many secrets and threats on Rafe's life and with both of them not being able to keep their hands off each other you will be turning the pages to get to the end. Lauren is such a strong heroine one who can stand on her own and Rafe so honest and drop dead gorgeous you will be smiling.

This is a debut for Lisa Weaver and I am looking forward to many more as there are a lot of bodyguards at Sentinels that really need their own story.

I highly recommend this story to anyone who enjoys a good romance with sizzle and adventure 

5/5 Stars for a great story