From Paradise...To Pregnant by Kandy Shepherd

 Reviewed by Nas

FROM PARADISE TO PREGNANT by author Kandy Shepherd is a June 2015 release by Harlequin Romance series.

Zoe Summer’s vacation in Bali is brought to a shuddering halt when an earthquake hits the island. She is scared stiff and with no idea what would happen next, she found comfort in famous footballer Mitch Bailey’s arms. Mitch was her high school crush. 

Would Mitch want to continue their liaison after that night? Because he was after his own career oriented goal which had no place for long-term commitment. Could he commit to Zoe?

FROM PARADISE TO PREGNANT is a stunning romance, which starts in Bali. Author Kandy Shepherd wrote the earthquake situation so realistically that I was scared for Zoe and Mitch and applauded when she decides to spend the night with him. This is a mesmerizing tale with a gorgeous hero and a plain but feisty heroine and the result sparkles on the pages. 

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.


Reviewed by Helen

5/5 stars for a wonderful story.

This is a beautiful story in a beautiful setting it was a joy to read and it had me smiling and tearing up at times as Zoe Summers meets up with and old school friend Mitch Bailey while on holiday in Bali.

Zoe and Baily have not seen each other for many years since the end of school and they had a close friendship during school while Zoe who had recently moved to this school after losing her parents in an accident and moving in with her grandmother who was not a loving person was helping Mitch with his English poetry in particular Mitch has always been the popular good looking guy even in school and he had a girlfriend then and now he is one of Australia's top soccer players playing in Spain and Zoe is shocked that he even remembers her she has always felt out of place around Mitch and his friends, but he does remember her and he has never forgotten Zoe and the way that they parted and there is an instant spark between them but of course there has just been a small earthquake that has them both shaken and a little worried but Mitch is keen to reacquaint himself with Zoe but Zoe is wary her life is so different from Mitch's, but after a fright and the sensual pull between them they spend a very passionate night together and Zoe leaves quietly in the morning without saying goodbye.

Mitch also heads home later in the day across the other side of the world wanting to see Zoe again but Zoe is not sure that she wants to see Mitch again. But that one night has left Zoe pregnant can this mean a life filled with happiness and love for both of them when Zoe is such a private person and Mitch lives in such an media based world ? this is such a great story beautifully written and very enjoyable as Zoe and Mitch open up to one another Mitch is such a great hero caring loving and Zoe is a little vulnerable but loving this is one not to be missed I loved it.
I highly recommend this story :)


Reviewed by Desere

All fun filled nights are usually without consequences, well except if you count the hangover part that you are always aware of will be there the next day. Bu the fun filled nights that always hold the most consequences are when we say " I will never ......." because then it always happens !

In the latest read from Kandy Shepherd, we meet account Zoe Summer. A week in Bali was meant to be her dream vacation, the one vacation that is meant to replenish her energy and just generally give her back some zest in life. But when the tropical island paradise she's meant to be enjoying is hit by an earthquake, she's trapped. Reading about the heroine being trapped was very realistic and had me in tears. I mean can you image , here you are on a tropical holiday soaking up the sun and voila boom suddenly you're trapped with no escape in sight. Talk about dream jumping into nightmare mode!

Anyways , being trapped is the least of her problems, because she his trapped alongside Mitch Bailey, sports star extraordinaire and also the blast from her past! Mitch is high on the thrill of survival, and when there is fear it's always the number one little " do not do" that let's couples end up in each other's arms.

It 's meant to only be for the night, to simply just get through the rough patch life has dished out, but soon Zoe discovers she's pregnant. Now this adrenaline, fear induced one night only couple have to decide can they do forever and raise their child together, or will one of them start running for that non existent dream of no worries in life?

When I stated this read, I did not look at the back blurb, because heck it's Kandy Shepherd 's name on the cover and anyone that knows me well knows I love her books, so why would I read the back?! So I was of course completely knocked for a six when what I thought was a lovely per chance vacation meeting, falling in love after the discovery of pregnancy romance read , got turned up side down into not only one of the most tear-jerkker reads ever but also one of the most exquisite  I have ever read.

The tears come from the very realistic fear I experienced when reading about the earthquake, it sent me feeling desperate to climb into the book and save the characters. It's a small earthquake but it's powerfully written, so powerful that I felt every single part of it happening , and thanking my lucky stars that I don't live in a country that's known for shattering earthquakes.

The character of Zoe is a very private person, she's not the type to go out and shout out anything and everything on her mind, whereas the character of Mitch lives pretty much smack bam right in the middle of the media. I found it fascinating watching these two try to get to know each other again, and keep it all together, and all the time I was thinking " Gosh, what happens if these two get dragged into a media circus, would they survive it?" .

A stunning journey of love, self discovery and the beginning to a beautiful, remarkable, passionate love story. I cannot wait for the next Kandy Shepherd masterpiece to enter my life, I love this author's fun , flirty yet so heartfelt and emotionally overwhelming it sends me into fits of tears , writing style.

5/5 star review
" Vacation forecast : Sun and fun , with a chance of pregnancy!"