Dance of Love by Inge Saunders

Reviewed by Desere

Auditioning for anything in life is the stuff nightmares are made of! If it's dancing you could fall and literally break a leg! If it's a movie audition heck you could end up saying the lines for the wrong movie, anything is possible when a person is nervous.

In this read, which comes in at twenty chapters, which I will add were nice and short and not dragged out to the point where I wanted to pull my hair out and end up looking like some bad version of Miley Cyrus, the world of dance is brought to life.

The read tells of Ashley and the journey she embarks on fulfilling her dream of becoming a world - class dancer. But as all dreamers know there is always something or someone that stands in the way, for Ashley it's Antonio Machiavelli, and his resounding " It's a no from me" is enough to send any wannabe straight into a fit of nightmares.

But Ashley is not your everyday " Okay maybe next time" kind of wannabe, she fights back by challenging Antonio and takes her anger and rage and channels it into a a on the edge of your seat performance.  Antonio is more than just a little intrigued and very soon it becomes clear that keeping his distance from Ashley will not be as easy and step, step and turn ! And as for Ashley she knows her sole focus needs to be on fulfilling her dream of becoming a lead principal but love makes everything so much harder.

I very much enjoyed this little read, I am not a major fan of books that involves dancing but occasionally I do come across one that has all the right moves.  This read is a wonderful journey of two souls meant to be together, and a lovely message of dreams not always being what we think they should be.

People change and as they do their dreams have to adjust, of course everyone knows that when our dreams try to tell us it's time for a new kind of dream or for a little different version of our dream, it's not always easy for us to listen. We might have had our dream for so long that it seems impossible to alter it in anyway.

The author very nicely showed how dreams can change and that our dreams can still come true but with a little more of a kick along the way than what we expected it to be.

A very lovely and heartfelt read that's perfect for a little romantic escape.

4.5 star review
" She dances her way into his heart, but will he want her there?" 
 Reviewed by Nas

DANCE OF LOVE by author Inge Saunders is a June release by Decadent Publishing.

Ashley wouldn't let anything or anyone stand in her way. Antonio can try all he wants but she wouldn't let him win.

Antonio can't keep away from Ashley, would love win in the end?

DANCE OF LOVE is a well-written romance. I liked how the author did the emotions in this story. The dance challenges full of sparkling chemistry is amazing to read.

Recommended for all readers. 


Reviewed by Helen
This is a great story with a great setting Rome and with such beautiful dancing involved it is sure to keep you turning the pages, when beautiful South African dancer Ashley tries out for the lead in a top dancing studio in Rome it scares her so much although the daughter of a famous dancer whom she misses very much Ashley has always gotten stage fright feeling like she has to live up to her father but it is time to keep that promise she made to her father. Antonio is one of the best classical dancers around is searching around the world for a new lead dancer after his ex has walked out on him and he is not happy but when Ashley dances and actually stands up to him the sparks fly in more ways than one.

This is a story with ups and downs as Ashley and Antonio journey to a beautiful HEA one that will have you smiling I highly recommend this one.

4/5 Stars for a great story.

Review by TashNz
4 stars

Dance of Love by Inge Saunders is a wonderful read which took me inside the dance world, a world I know little of or have read little about and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Ashley decides it's time to pursue her life long dream of being a world class famous dancer and Dance of Love covers her journey of living her dream and the battles against the company principal she auditions for, Antonio.  Antonio treats Ashley a bit like mud.  Thinking at first he's against her because of who her father was Ashley is confused and then when they kiss the whirlwind of emotions is at an all time high, along with confusion.  Battling everything the world of dance throws at Ashley is intense but it makes her stand up and fight right back.

I loved the environment of the book - the dance world. The characters were bright and capturing and the story was very sweet and capturing. the story itself was like a dance, the pushing and pulling of emotions, the passion of the movements and the steady beat of the rhythm that built until the conclusion.

Read on a lazy Sunday morning, very much enjoyed and recommended for anyone who loves a sweet story which is full of character and passion for wanting to achieve ones dream.

*ARC provided for honest opinion.