His Best Friend's Baby by Susan Carlisle

Reviewed by Nas

HIS BEST FRIEND’S BABY by author Susan Carlisle is a Mills & Boon and Harlequin Medical Romance series release for June 2015.

Phoebe was pregnant and alone in the world. So she decided to go and meet ex-army medic Ryan Matthews, who was her dead husband’s best friend. Would Ryan be happy to see her? After all, she is a part of his life that he left behind to move forward. 

Phoebe brought back bitter memories for Ryan. Could he help her and help himself in the process? Could they move from the past grief and forge a way forward? Ryan felt an attraction for Phoebe, could he open up his heart for Phoebe and her baby?

HIS BEST FRIEND’S BABY is a well-written romance amid the medical drama. It was an emotionally uplifting story. Author Susan Carlisle’s story-telling makes the characters come alive on the pages and the reader is personally involved in their happiness and craves the resolution as deeply as they do. This is a story about recovering from past guilt and grief and moving forward. The premise was wonderful and story moved along very fast.

I loved this story and highly recommend it.


Reviewed by Helen

5/5 Star review

 This is a story that I loved from the first page Phoebe is pregnant and alone after her husband is killed in action she has no one and although strong and she has a good job as a primary school teacher as she is getting to the end of her pregnancy she needs someone and one of the last letters that she received from her husband was about his best friend Ryan Matthews who is now living in Melbourne and working as a midwife at the hospital that Phoebe is going to have her baby at. But Ryan has been through so much firstly growing up as a foster child in Texas and then his years in war zones he is not ready to be there for someone but as they get to slowly know each other the pull between them gets stronger.

This really is such a beautiful and emotional story that will have you smiling as both Ryan and Phoebe open up to each other and see each other in a different light their journey to a HEA is one that will keep you up late it is a story that you will read in one sitting beautifully written with all of the characters so real and full of life. I am loving this Midwives On-Call series and I highly recommend this one to you don't miss it.

I loved this one and highly recommend it.

*********************************************************************************Reviewed by Desere

Losing your best friend always has an impact on anyone. No matter if you are the toughest soldier in the world , your best friend not being there will always hit you. So naturally ex-army medic Ryan Matthews uses his job of helping to bring new life into the world to escape the memories from the time he lost his best friend in Iraq.

But when comes across his best friend's wife, alone and pregnant is whole world is turned upside down. It's the shocker he never saw coming and even worse he can't seem to stop himself from falling for her.

He is torn between seeing his best friend alive again through the eyes of his child and finding love in the arms of the woman who belonged to his best friend.

His Best Friend's Baby (Midwives On-Call #6)This was a truly heartbreaking read. I was just as torn as Ryan, I wanted him to find a way to move forward from his friend's death but I will admit it was a little creepy to think that he would be ending up with his best friend's woman, I mean personally I don't think I would be able to kiss someone knowing that once before they belonged to my best friend , who sadly is no longer there.

Aside from that little annoying creepy feeling, I found this read really delightful. And after chapter 5 I was even able to get rid of the creepy feeling and see exactly what the author was getting at, the truly beautiful message of love can and will always be found in the least expected forms, of course it's going to feel wrong at first but it's lives way ( or in this case a friend from heaven) of telling us that it was meant to be and the person in heaven is the one that is no longer sad but happy.

A truly beautiful and emotional read that will leave you breathless, heartbroken and truly in awe of the miracle of life and just exactly who wonderful things can sometimes work out if you dare to risk it all.

5/5 star review

" A new life, new hope , but with complications. Can they make it work?"