The Princess and the Player by Kat Cantrell

The Princess and the Player (Dynasties: The Montoros #4)

Reviewed by Desere 

Arranged marriages are always an emotional test for both parties involved. It's either we learn to love each other in our own little way or we engage on a journey of hatred, anger and rage. Sadly in real life it's usually the road of anger and rage.

But lucky for us romance readers it's the opposite in the books. But what if it's with the wrong brother? Yikes is so not even close to the appropriate word, and in true Kat Cantrell fashion, a journey of stunning romance, self-discovery and one heck of a twist took me as reader by storm!

The read introduces us to Bella Montoro, her family will rule Alma, and she's the candidate for a royal wedding. But instead of falling for the chosen son she falls hook, line and sinker for his twin brother James Rowling.

James has always been the black sheep of the family. Charming as all hell , with a coating of sugar so sweet no woman alive is safe he always get's his way with the ladies and doesn't much care for any of them. With the appearance of Bella his life changes and it's all for the better. Except he has a secret that's about to be dropped into his lap, and it could ruin his new found happiness with Bella. It sends this star studded soccer star to hopelessly fighting for the woman he loves.

I really, really, really loved this book. It was the perfect combination of true love prevailing vs a princess fighting back when the demands of being a princess is stacked against her, and a man on a mission, nothing has ever been as sexy as James literally putting everything on the line to get Bella!

And best of all there was two other stories of romance nicely laced into this one, I love triple romance reads, sadly they are very few of those around. Both main characters were remarkable and crafted with such elegance that I truly felt as if I could touch their very essence of royalty.

Of course I did not feel too much for James in the start, he 's a bit of  bastard , and normally that's how I like my hero's , because I know the heroine is going to be the one to come along and totally change him, and yes it did happen in this read. But for some reason I wished James to be a little less of an bastard or rather black sheep. I wanted him to be a little more of a knight in shining amour, little did I know that this author was once again going to send me off my little rocker and surprise me in a way she has not done before. James black sheep total jerk does turn into a knight in shining armor, when the time is right, and not at the time I wanted him to, and this my dear reading romance addicts showed the author's incredible talent for always letting the expected still be unexpected, absolutely breath taking work Kat!

I liked Bella, she was a fun and funky princess and not the normal stuck up kind that you wish you could lock into a closet and make her read up on how to be a proper human being! But there was a moment when I thought I would still lock her up simply because she fell for one of the oldest tricks in the book!

Wrapping it all up , this was a really stunning romance read, heartfelt emotion, twists and turns
(loved the letter Kat!) a beautiful ending and the perfect message we all need to remember life is what we make it and not what the world decides.

5/5 star review
" The princess get's played or no wait the player get's the princess !"