The Sheik's Wedding Contract by Andie Brock

Reviewed by Desere

As far as Sheikh's go, they always have a duty to their people, to uphold the crown, to ensure their country prospers , heck the list goes on and on. So it's naturally not a surprise when I hear the word Sheikh , my mind already goes from hero to boy this is one of those where he will have the battle of his life trying to please everyone. Now it might sound like I am trying to say that I find that scenario a little predictable, but I am most certainly not. My reason is a very simple one, it's that very determination they need to have to keep everyone happy that make the reads featuring sexy Sheikh's such a thrill to read.

And let me tell you, with the talented Andie Brock behind the hero, sculpturing him from nearly regular guy to ultimate hero, there is no way you will be forgetting Sheikh Zayed Al Afzal anytime soon or end up thinking, that this is just an ordinary same as usual regular old sheikh.

Now let's get down to the story, newly crowned Sheikh Zayed Al Afzal needs to earn his people's allegiance. And that means the one and only thing this very wicked playboy has always avoided, marriage! His advisers have a string of beautiful options all line up and ready to get down to business but it's when he meets the exquisite Nadia Amani that he decides it's time he makes a choice of his own for once.

So the wedding contract is signed, sealed but not quite ready to be delivered because Zayed learns the shocking truth, Nadia is his enemies daughter. But it's during the dark desert nights Zayed finds his desire for the princess intensifies and anger gives way to sensual hunger that keeps begging to be satisfied, if only the princess could be someone else.

This was by far one of the best researched books I have read in a while, the attention to detail was brilliant! I really enjoyed the character of Nadia , she was a really fun and upbeat princess and not at all like the usual dull type in these very common sheikh reads. Not once did I wish I could knock her over the end and just shout out " Come on, your a princess, stand up and do something!", nope the author crafted a really stunning princess, in fact I will go as far as to say , Nadia is the type of princess I think every princess should be.

The character of Zayed was one that I found to be a little too overwhelming, but only for the first part of the read. After a while he started to grow on me and I started finding him a little less overwhelming and a more intriguing. But there was one or two times thereafter that I still wanted to stuff him in the nearest lock-up , just to defend Nadia a little, after all I am female and thus of course I would rather stick up for woman then men, woman as so often mistaken as the weaker sex , where in actual fact I think woman are much stronger then men, let's face it woman can face a million troubles and still get back up,  men have a tendency to simply lie down and not even try to get back up, and who comes to save them, that's right a woman!

Through both characters the author showed that there is always a twisty path in life that needs to be taken in order to find the right one. Sure it's long and dragged out and seems never ending and just messes with your plans, but you know what , when that magical end in the road lies within your grasp you'll realize it was so very worth it!

I highly recommend this read for all fans that love a good, shaken up , rock you to your core sheikh romance.

5/5 star review
" A contract that will bind them for life, that is if she can convince her captor to let her into his heart"


Reviewed by Nas

THE SHEIKH’S WEDDING CONTRACT by author Andie Brock is a July 2015 release by Harlequin Presents series.

Sheikh Zayed Al Afzal finds Nadia Amani in his bed trying to seduce him and he is intrigued. His passion ignites just looking at her. And he offers her a contract. A marriage contract. As the new ruler to his kingdom, he needs a wife to help him build a stable reputation. And for heir. 

Yet, after spending a night of passion with Nadia, he finds out she is his enemy’s daughter and a princess of a neighboring kingdom.

Could he trust her now? Could she be a spy for her country? What about  the passion they shared?

THE SHEIKH’S WEDDING CONTRACT is a shimmering romance filled with sensuality and emotional intensity. It’s very fast paced and a thrill to read. Author Andie Brock brought to life a mesmerizing tale with a gorgeous hero and a strong feisty heroine and the result sparkles on the pages. 

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.


Reviewed by Helen
Oh I loved this story I loved how Nadia had such strength and passion and then to do what she did for her country after the way she had been treated by her father and brother all of her life and Zayed had so much work to do to show his people that he could be a proper ruler for Gazbiyaa now that he had been made Sheikh.

Nadia had led a life with no one listening to anything she really had to say but she has strength and was always speaking out and with the ever present worry of war breaking out between her country of Harith and the neighbouring one of Gazbiyaa Princess Nadia decides that now is the time to make a stand and do her best to ensure peace with a new Sheikh being named.

Zayed Al Afzal was the second son so he had led the privileged life he went to University in New York and made three best friends and built up a reputation for big business and being a playboy so when Zayed's mother makes an announcement that shocks everyone and Zayed is now to become Sheikh he must prove that he is not the playboy most think he is.

This is a very passionate story that shows strength and understanding as two people who are brought up so differently now are joined together for the good of the people but that spark between them is way too hard to ignore they are very good at pushing each others buttons and the passion that sparks from it ignites this story into a beautiful journey to a wonderful HEA that will have you smiling I highly recommend this story it will keep you turning the pages the setting is beautiful as is the descriptions of the clothing and palace will want you visiting :).

5/5 Stars for a fabulous read that is passionate sensual and heart-warming