A Dangerously Sexy Christmas by Stefanie London

A Dangerously Sexy Christmas

Stefanie London

A Dangerously Sexy Christmas by Stefanie London

Reviewed by Helen

Woohoo what a fantastic story this one is it has all the right things that a very sensual romance would need to make this one a book you will not want to put down.

Rose Lawson is an aspiring jewellery designer and has just moved back to new York to live after spending many years in England with her mother but her mother has passed on now and her only relative is her estranged father who is still living in New York so can she change her relationship with her father and can Rose who is very much a loner build a life for herself maybe but when things start to happen and her father sets a body guard to watch over her a very sexy body guard things will start to change for her.

Max Ridgeway has left his family and his job as a police officer in Melbourne Australia after he loses someone close and comes to New York and starts work at a security firm he misses his family and his old job but he really needs to prove a few things to himself. He is now appointed to be Rose's body guard after a few robberies and he is convinced that there is something sinister going on and he will do anything to protect Rose.

Rose is so very stubborn and is not happy about having a body guard but he is sexy as all get up and when they are thrown together the electrical spark is so strong and neither can deny it for long so while protecting her and uncovering what is going on Max does something he should not and they have such a sinfully sensual affair that leads to both of them opening up to each other in more ways than one. This is a wonderful story that will not disappoint don't miss this one I highly recommend it you will be fanning yourself and smiling throughout hmmm awesome story.

5/5 star review for a fabulous story