Undercover by Danielle Steel

Reviewed by Desere

Danielle Steele is back again, and all though her last two books miserably failed me , I am glad that this one landed in my hands and  to say she is back and I mean really back!

The read tells of Marshall, he's an ex- undercover agent ( can you taste the danger yet?) he has just survived the toughest battle of his career and settles into the temporary job of secret services, guarding non other than the President.  But then a routine day at the office goes wrong and he is severely injured, he flees to Paris.

Now time to meet Ariana, she knows as the daughter of an American ambassador her life is always at risk, but then her life is turned upside down when danger comes a little too close, she flees to Paris.

With both hiding out and with danger literally on their heels, they find their way to each other , but the real question is , can they trust each other or will one or even both end up dead?

This read was action packed, fast paced and full of twits and turns around every corner of Paris. It was of course the perfect romantic setting for danger as well. I loved the entire suspense vibe the author had going, unlike her previous two books this one had a lot happening.
But not too much that you could not make head or tails thereof of lose your way.

Characterization was well done , well developed and the best part of it all , it really was a true escape from reality. I will add that here and there it was a little too predictable , but it could just me be and my usual obsession with trying to solve mysteries before the end, and thus I think I might have just gotten to the answer faster than other non -mystery suspense reading fans.

What I immensely enjoyed was that this was very different from this author's usual rich vs the powerfully dangerous type of books, it was more down to earth and I could relate to the characters on a human level.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of this author's books, and heck even if you don't love her work at all I am pretty sure that this book will get your attention in some way, give it a try , who knows ! It's got mystery, spies. lies, some thrills and a little bit of spill !

5.5 star review

"  Going undercover seems like an easy way to die" 

** Copy provided in exchange for a honest review by Penguin Random House South Africa