Her Christmas Baby Bump by Robin Gianna

Her Christmas Baby Bump

Robin Gianna

Her Christmas Baby Bump by Robin Gianna

Reviewed by Helen

This is a beautiful story set in a big hospital in Cambridge England and Christmas is fast approaching as we meet talented midwife Hope Sanders and fertility Doctor Aaron Cartwright who hails from America this is a lovely journey to a beautiful HEA between two people who never thought they would be part of a couple for their own good reasons.

Hope Sanders loves her job as a midwife she is happy and caring and more than anything she loves the joy that comes to her patients faces as she hands them their baby it is something that Hope has always wanted for herself but after being told that she can never love by an ex and her parents never being close she is beginning to wonder and of course she is getting older so she has made a decision to have IVF and be a single mother and has started the procedures but when she meets another Doctor at the hospital there could be lots of changes for Hope.

Dr Aaron Cartwright moves around a lot he was adopted as a child and has secrets that he keeps close to his chest he does a lot of charity work involving adoption he is gorgeous and well liked by everyone he works with. He has been at the hospital in Cambridge for a few years now and has had girlfriends but he is not the settle down type of guy but he is a top fertility Doctor and works hard at what he does and he has noticed the beautiful blonde midwife around the hospital and is hoping to meet her and when the chance comes at his charity ball he jumps at it to get to know her.

When Hope and Aaron are first introduced the spark between them is like lightening and this starts a journey in which they are drawn to each other and spend a very passionate evening together and when they finally start to open up there are more sparks but the surprise that rocks both of them will bring tears to your eyes and the emotional HEA is a beauty this is a fabulous story MS Gianna never disappoints and I do highly recommend this story it is wonderful.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story
Expected publication: November 5th 2015 by Mills & Boon (first published November 1st 2015)


Reviewed by Nas

HER CHRISTMAS BABY BUMP by author Robin Gianna is a Harlequin Medical Romance series release for November 2015.

Midwife Hope Sanders wants to be a mum herself. She is on the verge of starting IVF treatment to become pregnant. A chance meeting with hospital heartthrob, Dr. Aaron Cartwright and the explosive chemistry between them leads to a passion filled night.

 How can Hope drop her bombshell of news on Aaron now? Will he take kindly to the fact that Hope is pregnant and he is the father of her baby? Could her Christmas baby bump bring her happiness and happy ever after with her dream man as well?

HER CHRISTMAS BABY BUMP is a sensual romance filled with emotional intensity. Aaron had issues with IVF babies and Hope wanted to be a mum at any cost. Both had their own emotional baggage to overcome before they could move forward and accept their new relationship brought on by one fiery night together. Author Robin Gianna brought this story alive amid all the medical drama that would hook a reader in and keep her engrossed until the last page.

Highly recommended for all readers of medical romance. 

Review by Amanda

I’ve always marveled at the wonders of IVF. No amount of research or reading material could enlighten me on such a thing. I will forever be amazed and even though I have never met anyone who has gone through with the process or thinking of going through with the process, I was glad to have met Hope Sanders. You see, Hope is a midwife and she is thinking of having a baby using IVF. What makes a single woman chose such a path? This character Hope answers many of my questions. She gives me insight into her life, her thoughts, her fears and her weaknesses. She sheds light on her love life or lack thereof. She is strong and she is thinks with her head. I love how brave she is when she faces the world yet deep down there is a part of her that is incomplete. A baby will fill the void. Only one man could make her double think… I view Dr. Aaron Cartwright as a man who thinks long and hard before he attempts to do anything in his life. He is not an introvert but he loves keeping to himself. He knows Hope just by seeing her in the hospital corridors. One day the two of them gets close. Their chemistry ratio explodes. They have a fling. But Aaron is one man who is allergic to long relationships. But with unexpected turn of events he might just need to reconsider his priorities…

(I tried as hard as possible not to give away any spoilers but all I can say is that Aaron and Hope get the HEA they deserve!)

Her Christmas Baby Bump is a deeply touching, deeply moving story. It is about two people who have had to carry heavy burdens in their past but through their current relationship builds something strong and lasting. This newly blossoming relationship will carry them through into the future and give them the love they need to remain strong and happy.