If I Kissed You by Louise Reynolds

Reviewed by Nas

IF I KISSED YOU by author Louise Reynolds is a Destiny Romance release for October 2015.
Nell Connor has bad childhood memories of Irish ways so she eliminates all thing Irish from her pub and makes it trendy and smart.

Then in comes Declan Gaffney and Nell hates him on sight as he is all the things she hates about Irish man. But fate keep throwing them together in different ways. And Nell can’t keep fighting the chemistry between them or fate! Then her family connives matchmaking Nell and Gaffney. Could Nell keep fighting them all? Then Declan drops his secret, what would Nell do now?

IF I KISSED YOU is a story about family and relationships. Author Louise Reynolds wrote a sweet romance. The setting is realistically depicted.

Recommended for readers of romance.


If I Kissed You

Louise Reynolds

If I Kissed You by Louise   Reynolds

Reviewed by Helen

This is a story that is fun warm-hearted and moving as heroine Nell O'Connor runs the pub that was once her fathers oh Nell has made a lot of changes to what was a very Irish pub but she is very close to her Dad even though he can be a little strong willed at times her mother is a hippy and has been away from Nell for a long time and they are not close at all but the pub and restaurant are doing well and when her best friend hires an Irish singer for one night Nell's life is going to be turned upside down in a good way maybe there will be hope that she will get the family life that she has always dreamed of.

Declan Gaffney is Irish big gorgeous and a fabulous singer something that he was bought up with but he has moved on from his old family life and has built a very good one for himself travelling around the world but singing has always been important to him so he does a few gigs here and there and when he shows up at the Fitzrovia Hotel and meets the owner there is a spark that he is determined to make stronger.

I loved this story it will make you laugh and smile as they journey a rocky path to a lovely HEA there are a few obstacles as in parents and opinions thrown in their path along the way but all add to a wonderful story that I really did enjoy this one is fun and sensual and I do highly recommend it and the settings is lovely I need to get down to Melbourne for another visit.

5/5 Stars for a fabulous story

Published October 20th 2015 by Penguin Aus