Loving the Odds (What Happens in Vegas)

Loving the Odds (What Happens in Vegas)

Stefanie London

Loving the Odds by Stefanie London

Reviewed by Helen

Awesome story truly I love MS London's stories and this is one that will be on my keeper shelf and re read many times over this will become a comfort read when I want to smile laugh and have a great time.

Bailey Reuben works in the banking industry in San Francisco she is good with numbers and puts a lot into her job she has just broken up from her boyfriend and he was not very endearing in the end calling her boring Bailey she is feeling down and out but needs to get back her grandfather's watch that the ex has so is Bailey is off to Las Vegas to retrieve it she has no idea how she is going to achieve this but she is determined to do so little realizing that her life is going to change forever and for the better.

Lance Fulton is a PR guru helping the bad boys improve their attitudes and their images he is in Las Vegas for a Romance Convention and is having a hard time proving to his boss that he is the right man to pick up the new client they need on their books he is known as a womanizer and he does not want anything permanent but he is good at this job. so when he runs into Bailey and after hearing her story decides that he will help her retrieve the watch this should help his career as well with getting Bailey to pretend to be his girlfriend.

This is one of those stories that will have you laughing out loud smiling and going through so many emotions as the quirky Bailey and gorgeous and caring Lance have the most sizzling sensual journey to such a fabulous HEA. Lance does everything he can to encourage vulnerable Bailey to be more confident and to see how beautiful she is, there are scenes that will have you grabbing for the tissues to wipe away the tears of laughter so you can keep reading, I read this one in one sitting and I highly recommend that you grab a beverage of choice sit back and enjoy you will not want to put this one down till you get to the end. Thank you MS London for hours of reading pleasure.

5/5 stars this is an awesome story

Expected publication: March 14th 2016 by Entangled: Lovestruck