Engaged to Her Ravensdale Enemy by Melanie Milburne

Engaged to Her Ravensdale Enemy
by Melanie Milburne
Reviewed by Nas

ENGAGED TO HER RAVENSDALE ENEMY by author Melanie Milburne is April 2016 release by Harlequin Presents series.

This is Book 3 of the mini Ravensdale series.
Book 1: Ravensdale’s Defiant Captive.
Book 2: Awakening the Ravensdale Heiress

Getting away from a teenage stalker, Jake Ravensdale arrives on his family estate to party big and post pictures on social media to thwart the teenage girl. Then he finds her at his doorstep.

Jasmine Conolly, his family estate gardener’s daughter steps in and announces to the girl and to the world that Jake is her fiancé. The girl goes away but what would happen to the fake engagement now? Jaz had just been dumped from a third engagement and she needed this fake engagement to reel in her wayward fiancé. If she had such deep feelings for her fiancé, why was Jake’s touch making her body to fizz and crackle? After all Jake was her sworn enemy, wasn’t he? And Jake was not one to fall in love and do happy ever after. Why was he so concerned about Jaz’s feelings?

ENGAGED TO HER RAVENSDALE ENEMY is a swoon-worthy romance. Author Melanie Milburne brought this sensational tale full of shimmering sensuality. Readers already hooked on the Ravensdale series would love to read how Jaz brings Jake to his knees!

Highly recommended for all readers of romance. 


Engaged to Her Ravensdale Enemy by Melanie Milburne

Reviewed by Helen
Engaged to Her Ravensdale Enemy by Melanie Milburne
What a fabulous story this one is this is the third book in the Ravensdale series and you will be turning the pages very quickly as Jasmine Connolly and Jake Ravensdale have a journey that is filled with ups and downs and makes them open up and realize that love is what matters.

Jake Ravensdale is one of the twins and is so sure he is like his actor father that he spends his life going from one one night stand to the next love is not for Jake he does not want to end up like his parents so he concentrates on enjoying life as best as he can but when a young girl believes she is in love with him his old friend Jasmine steps in and saves the day could this change his way of life and his thinking when Jasmine pronounces them engaged.

Jasmine Connolly has grown up on the Ravensdale estate she is the gardeners daughter but has been taken in by the Ravensdale's and is more like family but she has always felt a bond and love for Jake but that is shot down when she is 16, Jaz becomes a wedding gown designer she needs love and the feeling of being loved after all her parents never wanted her so she tries to find love and with three failed engagements and when an opportunity to get Jake to help her with a false engagement pops up this is going to change her life in such a good way.

This journey is filled with a sensual affair that melts their hearts but builds tension but it also makes them open up and realize that love together is the best thing for them and the marriage proposal will have you smiling and shedding a few tears of joy. I loved this one from the first page and I highly recommend it thank you MS Milburne you never disappoint me with one of your stories and this one gave me hours of reading pleasure.

5/5 stars for a great story

Expected publication: March 22nd 2016 by Harlequin


A delightful read which carries on with the Ravensdale family which we have been meeting during the first two books of the engaging series.

Jasmine is the gardener's daughter but grew up close to the sides of the Ravensdales and lived with them during her turmoiled childhood. She's always had a thing for Jake, twin of Julius from book one, and is still mortified about her experience with him when she was a naive love sick puppy. Now, many years later and two weddings to make dresses for the time has come when she can't avoid Jake any longer.

Many failed engagements behind her with the latest looking to fail too, an opportunity arises that will suit both Jasmine and Jake's complicated single status and an fake engagement is announced. Much to Jasmines delight and Jake's horror. As the story rolls along we discover why everyone thinks they're enemies when really what happened behind the scenes was quite the opposite and Jasmine's way of coping.

A great read, two frenemies who are growing together and realising that maybe their opposites really do attract and just maybe instead of working so hard to avoid each other that they should stop fighting the magnetic forces that are bringing them together. I really quite liked Jake.

With family and friends and ex partners and scandalous teenagers all in the background this makes for a delightful read, it's kind of Presents mixed with a bit of light-hearted humor along the ride.

Loved it and looking forward to number 4 xxx    


"Engaged to Her Ravensdale Enemy" by Melanie Milburne is part of her series 'The Ravensdale Scandals.' Even though it is a read alone book, because the author does a great job introducing the characters in the book, I highly recommend reading this series.

Playboy Jake Ravensdale is somewhat in a bind when a young stalker shows up on his doorstep. Good thing Jasmine Connolly is at the house trying to get some of her work done for a bride to be. She steps up and introduces herself as Jake's fiance. Once Jasmine makes sure the teenager makes it home safe she lets Jake know that she is not pleased that he is hosting an orgy weekend. Jasmine and Jake know each other because her father worked on the estate that the Ravensdale family owned. The family took her in and she became a part of their family. 

There are some twists in this story about what happened in their past that brings them to this event in their lives. They try to fight their chemistry, but it's a lost battle


This book has one of my favourite tropes in Romance going for it. Enmity turning to forever kind of love. The sparks flying getting all the more intense because the feelings involved are on the extreme sides of the spectrum; be it hate or love.

Due to an incident tat happened a long time ago, Jasmine and Jake can't even bring themselves to be civil to each other and prefer their family to be around so that they are not left to each other's company.

Jasmine is the daughter of the gardener at Jake's parents' house but has always considered the Ravensdales her default / adopted family as neither her mother nor her father had any affection or time for her.

Jumping back to the present, with yet another broken engagement Jasmine does not want to face the world and Jake wants the teenaged girl who has developed a crush on him to leave him alone; these two are at the Ravensdale estate together and in a moment of revengeful inspiration, Jasmine announces their engagement.

Following the announcement, everything snowballs itself to perfection but there are still glitches here and there.

Definitely serious and complicated but nothing that a heart to heart cannot resolve.

The banter they had going between them gives one the fits


Melanie Milburne has done a fantastic job using the enemies-to-lover trope in bringing out the best in her writing. In Engaged to Her Ravensdale Enemy Ms. Milburne builds the drama from page one and keeps the conflict exploding with each new chapter in the scintillating new installation in her Ravensdale miniseries for Harlequin Presents. Hot, sexy and full of intense scenes right out of some popular television soap, this book hits all the right buttons! Jake Ravensdale has fled to his family estate to get away from a teenage stalker. What he hasn’t bargained for is to find his young stalker at his doorstep. He is however surprised and shocked when Jasmine Connolly declares to the stalker and the world that she is Jake’s fiancée. Of course she’s already engaged to someone else! From here things heat up and intense drama burns up the pages. Fans of the previous two books in the Ravensdale miniseries are sure to find this installation all the more entertaining! Overall, great dialogue, cutting-edge drama, sizzling chemistry and descriptive writing make this a worthwhile read.


My favorite Ravensdale sibling! There's just something about the chemistry between these two that made it my favorite yet in the series.

Jasmine Connolly is having horrible luck with men. Now her 3rd fiance in just about as many years is telling her he wants a "break". She's convinced he'll come running back if only he has the right motivation. She comes up with a plan to make him jealous.

Jake Ravensdale is a notorious playboy, and Jaz's enemy for years now. She grew up with his little sister and ever since she had a crush on him when she was a teen that he didn't return, they have gone at it like cats and dogs whenever in the same room with each other. She can't believe she's asking him for a favor, but surely if Myles sees her spending time with him, he'll hurry back to claim his woman!

When Jake agrees to accompany Jaz to a weekend work function, there are sure to be fireworks ... but neither of them expect the attraction that flares up between them!


Wow book 3 of the Ravensdale Scandals and what a wow book it is. Jasmine Connolly is a wedding gown designer and Jake Ravensdale is her nemesis. She has loved him forever but has managed to get engaged to three different men and broken it three times. Lets consider why, its because no one will fill the place for Jake in her heart sounds like there is a simple solution. Get Jake, stop there he isn't interested in forever and he isn't interested in Jaz. At least that is what they both believe until a few events make it imperative they make like they are engaged and so begins a wonderful story of having that saying "you don't know what you've got until you lose it". A marvelous story by a phenomenal author and you will be waiting anxiously for the next in the series. Loved it so much and it made me smile laugh and cry. Wow is all I can say


Jasmine Connolly's mother did not want her, dropped her with her dad and he left her with the Ravensdale's to bring up. Engaged three different times and each time engagement broke off. She can't help thinking that it must be something wrong with her. 

Started with her crush on Jake Ravensdale! She was young, at a party and she was in Jake's bed and he opens the door bringing in his 3 young gals and Jasmine runs out humiliated. Rejection by Jake was a hard lesson for her and she would never talk about what else went on that night.

Jasmine decides that she will make her last man jealous and use Jake to do it. Her way of getting back at him for the past rejection and hurt she suffered. Especially when Jake has an encounter with a young teenage gal with a huge crush on him even comes to his house even and Jasmine helps the girl back home and tells the girl that Jake and Jasmine are engaged. WHAT? Well Jasmine had decided he will help her and she will help him. When a few weeks are over the engagement will be broken and they can go back to their lives. She talks Jake into it and little do they know what might happen when you put the two together and the press has a field day with them and so does social media. She does tell a couple of her closest friends what is the truth.

Jake does purchase an engagement ring even for her and purchases a beautiful necklace for her. They attend a weekend bridal show where Jasmine has a wedding gown from her designs and bridal shop in and well you need to read to find out how it goes.

Melanie Milburne does not disappoint me in this love story. She does a wonderful job on The Ravensdale Scandals!