One Life-Changing Night by Louisa Heaton

Reviewed by Nas

ONE LIFE-CHANGING NIGHT by author Louisa Heaton is a March 2016 release by Mills & Boon Medical Romance series.

Naomi Bloom started a new job with high hopes of living her life independently. Wasn’t it true if she stayed single and lived alone, there would be only herself to think of. But meeting her new boss, Dr. Tom Williams changed her views.

Tom was not ready to move on after his wife’s death. He had decided he would always live alone as there was only one person who was his soulmate, and he had lost her.
Could Naomi make Tom change his mind? And what would happen when Tom found out Naomi’s secret? Would Tom change enough to let Naomi in his heart and his life?

ONE LIFE-CHANGING NIGHT is a heart-touching tale about second chances and past griefs. Author Louisa Heaton brought this emotionally tortured hero Tom, whom readers would love. And strong heroine in Naomi who takes Tom on and makes him move past the grief and embrace the future.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance. 

One Life-Changing Night

Louisa Heaton

One Life-Changing Night by Louisa Heaton

Reviewed by Helen

This is a beautiful romance where two people who have lost so much come together in a journey that is filled with ups and downs but one that will have you smiling.

Dr Tom Williams lives a quiet life working hard in the A & E department at Welbeck Memorial Hospital he has committed his life to work after losing his beloved wife she was his soulmate and Tom is convinced that you only ever get one soulmate but his world is about to be turned upside down when new nurse Naomi Bloom literally falls into his arms.

Naomi Bloom has moved to London to start a new life a life that concentrates on her Naomi has been married and lost her husband to a rare and not so nice disease she is an only child and her mother and her are not that close so she is going to become independent work hard and live for herself but things change very quickly when she volunteers to pull down the Christmas decorations at the A & E department at the new hospital she is working at.

Tom becomes a knight in shinning armour for Naomi when she moves in with him and there is an instant spark between them that Tom does his best to ignore but Naomi is such an accident prone person he can't help but step in and she is also caring and lots of fun. Can Naomi slowly but surely make Tom see that they are made for each other after all he is such a wonderful person. I highly recommend this story it is a roller coaster ride of emotions it is also such a moving and wonderful story that I loved.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published March 1st 2016 by Mills & Boon Medical