Seduced by the Heart Surgeon by Carol Marinelli

Mills & Boon  by Carol Marinelli

Reviewed by Helen

What a fabulous story this one is, this is the first book in The Hollywood Hills Clinic series and this is Australian Paediatric heart surgeon Zach Carlton's story he is know as a drifter has no intention of settling down marrying or making his parents grandparents. He has left the outback town that he grew up in after losing his brother in an accident and has not looked back he is a great surgeon he travels the world helping out where he can, but when he takes a three month stint in Hollywood his life changes dramatically for the better.

Freya Rothsberg has been through so much in her life the daughter of famous actors her younger life was a disaster and she went through so many changes that caused medical problems, but she is well now and working as PR at the clinic in Hollywood that her brother James has started and with the start of a charity in conjunction with the Bright Hope Clinic Zach is there to help with pro bono work with seriously ill children, but when they meet at a hotel where Freya is attending a wedding the chemistry is way too strong to ignore and one passionate night with a stranger leads to a journey that will have you turning the pages.

This is an emotional very steamy sensual story of love and the joy that it can bring two people who really deserve to have each other. The characters are so real so alive the chemistry sparks the pages up and with Freya's brother James and his ex Mila bought into the mix this is one story that sizzles with feeling hope and joy. I look forward to the other 7 books in this series, thank you MS Mareinelli for a fabulous fast paced story that I highly recommend. 

5/5 stars for a fabulous story
Published April 1st 2016 by Mills & Boon Medical