Husband Stay by Louise Cusack (Husband Series #2)

Husband Stay by Louise Cusack
Reviewed by Helen

This is a roller coaster story that will grab you from page one hot, steamy and emotional as singing sensation Indian diva Angela Lata starts worrying about her biological clock ticking down after she leaves her husband of 15 years when she finds out he has been cheating on her. What is a girl to do when she wants a baby so much turn to her best friends for advice and get a job singing in a bar and one performance will change her life forever.

When Jack Davenworth gorgeous Olympic medallist and farmer ends up causing a disaster on stage for Angela and they are both taken to the hospital he does not remember much but he remembers this beautiful woman and goes out of his way when he is well to find her which start a very sensual journey for them both.

This really is a great story you will laugh you will cry and you will sigh as Jack and Angela journey an up and down path through revelations orgasms and the best sex a girl has ever had while Angela grows stronger records the music she loves so much and learns to stand up for herself. Her best friends play a big part in this story we have seen Jill's story already and I am looking forward to Louella and Fritha's stories. I highly recommend this on for readers who enjoy their stories hot and fun.

5/5 stars for a great story
Expected publication: April 13th 2016 by Flirt Press

Review by Alexia - 5 Stars

"Husband Stay (Husband Series Book 2)" by Louise Cusack is a erotic read that I totally loved. Angela Lata wants only two things in life. #1 A singing career, and #2 Children. When she finds that her husband not only cheated on her, but got a vasectomy that was the last straw. Jack Davenworth inadvertently gets sick on her stage, and this becomes more than a drunkard not handling his alcohol. They somehow find their way together, and starting off a new life

Review by TashNz - 4 Stars

Book 2 in the Husband Series focuses on Angela. 

After investing 15 years of her life in her marriage Angela leaves her husband and hilariously meets Jack - in the most unconventional way. But as you know fate has very funny ways of putting us where we need to be put and ignore what fate has destined for us all you will but you really can't fight it as Angela learns and she ends up exactly where she's meant to be.

An emotional story which I guess any person who's been through a break up where time has been invested will well feel and understand and Husband Stay is just the right read to show - there's someone for everyone.

Really enjoyed and will likely reread again and looking forward to book 2!

Review by Cheryl - 5 Stars

ngela Lata had a dream; all she wanted in life was a singing career and children. She found out her husband was cheating on her and that he had had a vasectomy before they had gotten married. They have been married for years and he never told her. 
The sex with her ex had never been that good in the first place and so she wondered why he would turn to someone else.
She is singing one night and a drunk (or so she thought) patron of the lounge throws up right in front of her and one the stage. What!!! She falls back and hurts herself.
They were both taken to the hospital and the nurse tells her that "Jack" illness is not from drinking, but an allergic reaction. She sees Jack Davenworth in the hospital.
Jack goes out of his way to find Angela and wanting to have a relationship with her. Angela also can't get him off her mind, despite the way they met!
Jack had things he does not tell Angela about since Angela only makes it sound like the relationship is only getting thoroughly satisfied in bed. 
Really enjoyed this story about Jack and Angela and how they find out things about each other. They have the best sex ever also. So if you’re interested in a good love story with lots of ups and downs in relationship and a story that can make you laugh, cry and holds your interest this is it. Enjoy and can't wait for the next Louise Cusack story to come out.

Review by Amanda - 4 Stars

Husband Stay by Louise Cusack is tantalizing, sexy and oh-so-hot! Ms. Cusack writes with such passion that it is hard not to enjoy her books…especially this one. With well-developed characters that are different and unique, engaging dialogue and steamy prose, this book is sure to take you a journey where ecstasy and romance abound without limit—where a stud of hero will do and say whatever needs to be said in order to give his heroine the best time ever!

4.5 Stars

Review by Adel - 5 Stars

Husband Stay by Louise Cusack is the book two in the “Husband” series and is Angela’s story. It is a story of a woman gaining her self-respect back after a long marriage that ended badly. She realises that she is a very sensual woman and that she was actually very unsatisfied with her marriage.

Angela is a soft hearted, caring woman that desperately wants children. She is on the hunt for a perfect daddy but gets derailed by a completely unsuitable but extremely sexy man that melts her bones. Jack is an arrogantly confident man with more to him than meets the eye…

I would recommend this book to all romance lovers who enjoy great stories with happy endings. This book was even better than the first in the series, can’t wait to read more of Louise Cusack’s books!

Review by Nas - 5 Stars

A great read. I loved the emotional and the sensual story in this book. And yep, I agree! I grew up in an Indian household and know what Angela may have gone through!

Review by Dottie - 5 Stars

Talk about a sexy story that wraps you up in it within minutes of opening the book. You have Angela Lata who desires only two things in life, a singing career and children. But since she is no longer with her husband of 15 years after he cheated on her, and the children part was impossible as he had a vasectomy before they were married. She has never had great sex , which may change when Jack Davenworth enters her life. Is he the answer to her disaster of a life? When an incident on stage causes them to go to the hospital unfortunately Jack doesn't remember much but he remembers a beautiful woman and goes about finding her. This is the beginning of an amazing story. Ms. Cusack has a way of blending a very sexy story with a very lovely story that keeps you enthralled throughout. It is a story of finding yourself and what you are capable of and digging deep inside to find the true you. She is an excellent writer and her stories just keep getting better. 

Review by Hina - 5 Stars

Though the cover markets the eroticism of the book, I liked it for the emotions that flow in the story.

Angela Lata is a woman who had been betrayed by the man vowed to always be there and has almost left any respect for any relationships and is pressurised by her biological clock ticking away.

Jack Davenworth is surrounded by problems in his family and stands to lose someone very precious to him but cannot make himself stay away from his angel.

In a way there journey is sort of one of self dicovery where the once in a lifetime love is their companion.