Lucy & The Lieutenant by Helen Lacey

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A wonderful read filled which in a beautiful way the author wound the story right around me and I was snuggled in the midst of it all Easter Monday.  Quite a heart warming story where everyone in town knew ex military man Brandt Parker loves Dr Lucy Monero – except him.  While he fails to see it because he’s wrapped up in his military past Dr Lucy Monero lays her lil heart on the line and spends most of the story trying to figure out if her teenage crush is worthy of her love. 

Set in small town Cedar River, Brandt was quite likeable and had just enough mystery surrounding him that you really wanted to know what was bothering him.  He had lovely family who were secondary characters and helped make it a heartwarming story.  Lucy was quite the opposite in the way that she had no one and it made her all the more endearing. 

I usually am a “Presents” kind of girl and don’t often go for the small town girl kind of story in a town where everyone knows your name so when I pick one up and it consumes me till I reach the last page Im the first to say – don’t pass this one by.  I'm especially happy to see there is more stories featuring Lucy’s fab friends.  I even got teary when Lucy did her goodbye speech and felt all sad for her.  Wonderful writing Helen Lacey! 

4 Stars
Cedar Cowboys Series 

Lucy & the Lieutenant by Helen Lacey
Lucy and the Lieutenant

Helen Lacey

Reviewed by Helen

I do love small town romances and this is one that should be snapped up and read there will be tears of sadness and joy as we journey to the best HEA with ex-military gorgeous home town guy Brant Parker and home town girl next door Dr Lucy Monero.

Lucy has been home in Cedar River for short time now after being away studying but Lucy is a quiet person who has been through so much losing her Mum in a dreadful accident that left her with bad memories and feeling guilty it has taken a while for her to get over it but she has and now back home and working at the local hospital Lucy has come back in contact with the guy she has had a crush on since she was fifteen who unknowingly she has saved herself for him Brant Parker but Brant has no intentions of settling down but is Lucy just what he needs to turn his life around.

Brant has returned home after being on the front line for years he has left the military permanently, and has bought a tavern in the town to do up and re-open he has thrown himself into his work and is determined to get on with his life and try to forget his past and put his fears to rest. His mother and brother are there to support him but he is not taking help that is until he finally starts talking to Lucy he is drawn to her she is easy to talk to, to be with can Lucy do what others have tried?

Truly this is just the best story a moving emotional story that will pull you in from the first page they both have so much in common that they help each other. There will be smiles and tears as Lucy stands up to Brandt she never gives into him she shows such strength for someone who has been through so much herself and getting Brant to open up is so good. This is a sensual story that I highly recommend the second book in The Cedar Rivers Cowboy's Series and I am looking forward to more and it was great catching up with friends from the first book in this series.  

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

   Expected publication: May 24th 2016 by Harlequin     

5 Stars

The Virgin and The Veteran perfectly describe this love story. Dr. Lucy Monero thought she was the world’s oldest virgin in the world. She had a crush on a neighbor back in high school. She still had it through college, through medical school and now as a doctor. Brant Parker had barely noticed her through high school and then went off to the army and now was out and returned to his home town, which was Lucy’s hometown too. 

They both had something in common. Lucy lost her father at an early age, then her mom was killed in a car accident and then her friend in college had been sexually assaulted and she was determined to stay away from guys. Brant had been through several tours in Afghanistan and part of his group had died and it should have been him. He had PTSD and was someone who was more for the one night stands and never saw himself as the marrying kind. 

Brant had purchased a burnt out bar and was going to make it usable again and do the work mostly himself. He was a loner. He was carrying his own demons.

Lucy had already worked through most of hers and was throwing herself into work also. Her friend felt it time for her to find love. But she only had eyes for Brant.

Helen Lacey had a fantastic way of showing us how 2 people with their sides of issues could come together. They may have to have their feelings sometimes pointed out by others and yet they did find love. They found it with each other.


Helen Lacey creates the most believable settings that add layers of characteristics to her well-rounded, three-dimensional characters whose stories are full of small-town charm. In her latest offering, Lucy & the Lieutenant, Ms. Lacey takes readers on a passionate journey where her hero Brandt Parker and Dr Lucy Monero are tempted by the sight of each other. But the emotional baggage that both Lucy and Brandt carry takes precedence on their attraction. The strides they take in helping each other heal creates tension and drama…keeping the reader engrossed. Great dialogue, descriptive scenes and a well-written story is sure to find favor with loyal fans of Ms. Lacey and the Harlequin Special Edition fan-base!

4 Stars


In this second book in her "The Cedar River Cowboys" series, Helen Lacey brings us a sweet story revolving around a battle weary Army vet and his girl-next-door! She weaves a great tale centering on the horror still living inside this wounded soul's mind and how the power of love goes a long way in achieving some healing.

Dr. Lucy Monero has been crushing on Brant Parker since she was the teenage girl next door. He barely knew she existed, but she went on to college, med school, and to live her life, with thoughts of him always in the back of her mind.

Brant spent years in the Army and then suddenly he was out and back in town. He knew Lucy was interested in him, but he just wanted to be alone and ignored her often ... until the day came that she would no longer let him ignore her anymore.

Will Brant be able to dig his way through his demons to open his heart to living again? And will Lucy finally get that happily-ever-after she's been dreaming about for so long?


In a lovely town of Cedar River you find Dr. Lucy Monero who is a doctor helping out in a nursing home for a few weeks. One of the patients in the home is the uncle of Brant Parker, the man Lucy has loved since she is 15. Brant is home from the army and has lots of issues from being in Afghanistan and so decides he doesn't need to have any ties. He buys a burned out bar and is fixing it up and keeps his mind and hands busy. No time for Lucy or anyone for that matter. Lucy has her own demons losing her dad at an early age and her mom killed in an accident as she was going to medical school. The only thing in her life she doesn't question is her love for Brant. This is lovely story of how a person who has been in your life always can help you overcome what you never really knew you suffered from. Ms. Lacey's story always leave you with a wonderful feeling, especially this one when Brant realizes that what he was looking fo