Perfect Rivals by Amy Ruttan

Review by TashNz

It must be incredibly hard to stay unique and relevant while writing a story for Harlequin Medical Romance and I think Amy Ruttan’s Perfect Rivals hits every possible nail on the head.  Imagine a fast paced action packed episode of any medical show on TV and that is what you have with Perfect Rivals, only Perfect Rivals is much, much better.

Dr Flo Chiu has an original backstory, one that I have not read before and it kept me on the edge of my seat wondering if her fears would come true.  The plot was exciting and fast paced and kept me in one spot the entire time I read it.  I received a call to collect my daughter from work for her break and I grumbled about it to myself because I didn’t want to leave Flo and Nate.

Both Flo and the hero Dr Nate King are indeed perfect rivals and I loved their conversations which added to the brilliance of the book.  I enjoyed Flo’s thoughts which were italiced through the book and I really liked the way there were two operations which were the focus of the story rather than lots of little medical dramas.
Detail is incredible but in the most un-boring way which helps set the scene and made me feel like a doctor standing on the sideline.

I recommend Perfect Rivals as a place to start for those who haven’t thought of trying the medical line before because this will be an absolute treat.  I feel anyone who already is a fan of this line will surely love Perfect Rivals as much as I did.  I give it five stars because of the characters, the plot and the fact I couldn’t put it down.

Perfect Rivals can be read as a stand alone but there is enough in this story to tease Mira’s story.

Please read this book – stat!

5 Stars


Perfect Rivals

Amy Ruttan

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Reviewed by Helen

Well this one kept me up late last night I could not put it down till Flo and Nate had their HEA and what a beautiful one it was.

Dr Flo Chiu is head of the transplant department at The Hollywood Hills clinic and there is a good reason why Flo chose this field and she is one of the best after being a sick kid and having major surgery herself when she was a teenager Flo has decided to make a bucket list and get them done she has had one failed relationship and is not planning on another one there is too much to open up about for that but when a movie star is rushed to the clinic and his personal Doctor arrives to treat him things heat up for Flo will Dr Nate King be the reason her life changes forever.

Dr Nate King works in New York he is a transplant surgeon and after losing someone very close to him he too has thrown himself into his work and his research in the hope of being able to save more people he is gorgeous but also can be very arrogant but when he meets Flo the spark that is there and the emotions that she brings out in him shock him she makes him feel again feel alive is Flo what Nate needs or will he be to scared to change his life and become the daredevil he used to be.

What can I say this is a WOW book a story that is filled with emotions and strong characters that bring out the best in each other and make each other open up and realize that you need to live you need to love and this story brings out the goodness it was a joy to read a not put downable story that I loved from page 1. MS Ruttan never disappoints me with one of her stories they have so much meaning and emotion I did love this one and highly recommend it. It is the fourth book in The Hollywood Hills Clinic Series. 

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

    Expected publication: May 1st 2016 by Mills & Boon Medical   


Review by Amanda

The moment I flipped open Amy Ruttan’s latest book I knew I was in for quite a ride. The author has created such a plot where her characters are always being tested and tried in the most challenging of ways. Ms. Ruttan fine tune’s the remarkable qualities of Dr. Flo Chiu and Dr. Nate King by adding bits of spark between them as they butt heads when it concerns their jobs meanwhile slowly developing the romantic angle even amidst the rivalry. This is a story true to its title. The fourth book in the Hollywood Hills Clinic series, this book will rivet you until the end. The medical bits were a learning experience, the romance, the entertainment factor, the dialogues and separate back stories kept me turning the pages. Ms. Ruttan has written a unique plot and she has done a fine job by taking the characters out of their comfort zone! Well done.

Highly Recommended
5 Stars

Reviewed by Nas Dean

PERFECT RIVALS…by author Amy Ruttan is a May 2016 release by Harlequin Medical romance series.

Dr. Flo Chiu is a transplant surgeon in the Hollywood Hills Clinic. Then a patient comes in and with him comes in his doctor, Nate King, a New York surgeon.

Now they have to work together for the best of their patient as well as pretend to be in a relationship because of unseen circumstance.

But could they face falling in love?

Read PERFECT RIVALS…to find out happens when Nate finds out that Flo, herself is a transplant patient. Would he run like Flo suspects he would? Author Amy Ruttan wrote this story bringing freshness to Flo and Nate’s characters. This story was refreshing and a pleasure to read.

Highly recommended for all readers of medical romance.