Claiming The Royal Innocent by Jennifer Hayward - Book 2 Kingdoms & Crowns


Review by TashNz

I’m in love with Aristos and Alexandria because I am in love with the writing style of the author Jennifer Hayward.  Not a word is wasted and each sentence is a lyrical masterpiece, a magical way with words which had me in the heart of the story which roamed from the beautiful Akathinian royal palace ballroom to a stunning island and back again.

The second book in the Kingdoms and Crowns series tells the story of Princess Aleksandra and Aristos who meet in the most unconventional circumstances.  Alex has fraudulently gained entry into the ball and Aristos knows she’s a fraud.  Having intimate knowledge of the lady Alex is impersonating makes for a most interesting dance together.  Alex has no choice but to disclose the King is her half brother.

Aristos’s  security team is being used for the ball so he has a vested interest in making sure Alex isn’t a threat.  He doesn’t even want to be at the ball but needs to keep favor with the King who has finally granted Aristos permission to build his penultimate casino on Akathinia.  Alex is warmly welcomed into the Royal family but when the kingdom is under threat of war the King orders Aristos to take Alex away and keep her safe and UNTOUCHED on Aristos’s island.  I loved it when the King phones later in the story and tells Aristos he has three seconds to convince him not to fly over and kill him – for breaking the no touching rule!

Aristos is the most handsomely arrogant man who is a fearless lone wolf.  He’s got an empire to build, the last thing he wants to be is in charge of the princess protection program.  Not only because he doesn’t want to be chief babysitter but because he knows the strict instructions to keep his hands off princess Alex is going to be a tough promise to keep.  It doesn’t help that Alex has been given a boost of courage facing her new life and after a world shattering kiss with Aristos, she’s all for exploring things further.

The plot of the story is exciting and builds the characters as it develops. That mixed with the magical way of words Jennifer Hayward has, I landed smack bang in the middle of a beautiful world filled with interestingly complex characters who you hope get their happy ever after once they have smashed through all their issues and figured out that just maybe allowing themselves to love and be loved will be the most worthwhile win they will ever have.  I was dying to turn each page, fill of anticipation of what would happen next, not wanting to reach the end.

Very much looking forward to the third installment  Thank you Jennifer Hayward for writing a story that if I had any talent would love to write myself.  Love the story and love the cover - the dress is amaze!!! Perfect to me!

Claiming the Royal Innocent by Jennifer HaywardReviewed by Helen - 5 Stars

MS Hayward never disappoints me with her stories the characters are so real and energized with emotions that will have you falling into her stories and this one was a beauty the second book in the Kingdoms and Crown Series the setting fabulous and the hero and heroine so strong and vulnerable at the same time sit back and enjoy with you choice of beverage.

Aleksandra Dimitriou has just found out from her mother that she is a princess the secret daughter of a former Akathinia's King and as her father is ill Alex wants to meet him and arrives under a false name at the palace for a ball to celebrate Princess Stella's birthday, Alex is looking forward to meeting her siblings and her father but before she gets to this point she is met by the handsome Aristos Nicolades and the spark between them could light up the palace will this spark get stronger and change her life.

Aristos Nicolades has built his life up from nothing he has hotels and casinos all over the world he is a loner and that is they way he plans to stay there is a lot in his past that he needs to overcome but with plans for a new casino on Akathinia in motion and with the threat of military problems with a neighbouring Island security is tight and when he spots this beautiful young woman coming into the ball under a false name he is determined to get to the bottom of the story but the pull towards her is something that he has never felt before.

When Alex is acknowledged as Princess and with Aristos's talk Alex takes on the task but with war threatening she is sent to Aristos's Island to kept safe but she is off limits to him will they manage to keep their hands off each other I think not. This is a very moving and sensual sizzling story that will have you turning the pages as Aristos and Alex push each other to open up and then burn up the sheets with a beautiful romance and HEA I highly recommend this one and I am really looking forward to Stella's story in the next instalment.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story


Reviewed by Nas

CLAIMING THE ROYAL INNOCENT by author Jennifer Hayward is Book 2 in The Kingdoms and Crown series. It is a May 2016 release by Harlequin Presents series.

Aleksandra Dimitriou enters the Princess Ball which was in honor of her elder sister's birthday. No one knew her as she was the King's love-child and her mother kept her birth a secret from the world. So her brother, the present King and her sister whose birthday party she had crashed didn't know of her existence.

Yet Aristos Nicolades knows she is a fraud and confronts her. After kissing her senseless! I found this story mesmerizing and very sensual. I've loved author Jennifer Hayward's stories from her first book. She is a marvelous story-teller and keeps her readers hooked to the page.

Read CLAIMING THE ROYAL INNOCENT and see where Aristos and Alex's chemistry and scorching hot passion between them take them.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.


Review by Amanda

Wow, I was swept away with this story. From beginning to end, Jennifer Hayward captivated me—took me on an exciting journey where the worlds she’d created for her characters felt as real as day. Genuine emotions, flirty banter, engaging dialogue, deeply touching characters whose sizzling chemistry set the pages on fire and true talent on Ms. Hayward’s end makes: Claiming the Royal Innocent—the second book in the Kingdoms & Crowns trilogy—an exceptional story. Fast-paced and entertaining, this story should definitely be on top of your reading list. The moment Aristos Nicolades laid eyes upon the vision in the name of Aleksandra Dimitriou he knew she meant trouble…for him and King Nic of Akathina. But it is only after sharing a steamy kiss with the gorgeous Alex that Aristos is shocked when he discovers her true identity. Now that Alex is forbidden, Aristos knows better than crave to add fuel to the fire burning between them. However, when Alex is thrust under his care the last thing Aristos needs is to protect a woman who might be in danger—but is it from him or the neighboring king? Grab a copy of this delectable book and discover the answer for yourself.

Highly Recommended
5 Stars

Review by Hina - 5 Stars

The excitement of newly discovered relations and passion newly ignited, this story would keep you on the edge of the seat until you're done reading the last word.

Aleksandra recently discovered that she is a Royal, sister to the ruling monarch, and her wish to meet her father who she believed to be a businessman and long dead brings her to a the palace under the guise of another and be caught by none other than Aristos who happens to in charge, or his company rather, of security that night.

Aristos believes her story. Her uncanny resemblance to the current King does not even play a huge part in it as well.

With the lady installed in her right place as the princess of the nation, third in line for throne, the imminent of war with neighbouring island nation is on verge of happening. And thus all heirs could not be in the same geographical area.

Aristos takes Alesksandra to his island to keep her safe but passion flares and neither of them is safe from it or each other. As if that was not enough, paparazzi click an incriminating picture that only leads the way down the aisle to a happily ever after.

Review by Alexia - 5 Stars

"Claiming the Royal Innocent (Kingdoms and Crowns #2)" by Jennifer Hayward is a wonderful, read alone, classic romance book. Aleksandra Dimitriou found out she was the illegitimate daughter of a king so she goes in search of her father and her family. Along her journey in Akathina she meets Aristos Nicolades who turns her world into an upside down fantasy of bodyguard meeting the lost princess. Their chemistry is undeniable and the romance is steamy. Loved it.

Review by Cheryl - 5 STars

This dynamic story is about FOUND, FORBIDDEN & FOREVER? It tells how Aleksandra Dimitriou had always thought her father was dead but her mother had not told her the truth. She had crashed a royal ball and wanted to find out the truth about her real father and family. She wanted to meet her siblings. Aleksandra had been told a lie about her father all her life. What her friend Kira had tossed away the invite but had told her all about it she had to retrieve that invite and crash the ball.

Aristos Nicolades was right behind her as she went through the line, and he did not say anything to her but after through the line he stood where he could see her. Where he could observe and see what she was really up to and take the necessary precautions if needed. Aristos knew she was not Kira since he knew her intimately. 

Alex had mingled with her sister, Princess Stella and brother, King Nikandros and his wife Sophia. 
She became thrust into the royal world under the protection of Aristos. He had orders to not touch the innocent Alex who was now a Princess. However he did not know how to calm those urges that rebellious Alex brought out. 

This is a story about Alex going from a common person to a Princess. Aristos is sent to an island to protect Alex when there is a threat to her homeland. Alex proves to be feisty and Aristos finds that he can no longer stay away from her. Their one intimate escapade is captured in a paper that calls the two of them canoodling. Nik calls and states to Aristos that he has 60 seconds to explain to him what has gone on and why he should not come and kill him.

Jennifer Hayward is an excellent author who you feel as if you are one of the characters and can vision it all happening in front of you. 

Review by Dottie - 5 stars

Jennifer Hayward has added book 2 of 3 with " Claiming the Royal Innocent " and its amazing. Finding out that you have been lied to all your life and you are a princess and part of a Royal family is so difficult for Aleksandra Dimitriou to comprehend. So to see what her father and family look like she sneaks into a party given by the King and doesn't realize that the man staring at her from across the room is aware she is not who she says. That starts this incredible story with Aristos Nicolades , security and friend to the King confronting the intruder. Ms. Hayward has consistently written fantastic books and this is another example of her incredible writing. Its HOT, when Aristos has Aleksandra are sent to his island by the King to protect her as things are happening on her homeland. Things heat up on the island and even with Aristos warning to Aleksandra that sex with him will blow off the bedroom door, it isn't long before Aristos and Alex are found canoodling in the words of the press. Her brother the King calls Aristos and says "you have 60 seconds to explain why I shouldn't fly there right now and kill you". You will find that in all of Jennifer Haywards book she will put in some amazing lines that will stay with you for days and make you smile. Jennifer Hayward is such an amazing author that I find it so hard to write a review because I feel I have actually lived in her book and enjoyed it so much I cannot even find words other than AWESOME to describe the story. If you haven't read any of her books you are missing out on an incredibly talented author so read this book and go back and get all of her books as yours will go on the keeper shelf just as all hers are on mine. I feel that my future reviews for her books should just say " guaranteed fantastic book by Jennifer Hayward" enough said.