The Prince and the Midwife by Robin Gianna

Review by TashNz

Another lovely story by Robin Gianna who always manages to weave a beautiful love story through moving medical drama.

Gabriella Cain is the head midwife at Hollywood Hills Clinic and is absolutely mortified when Dr-who-does-he-think-he-is-Raphael Moreno saunters into the delivery room and shoots her down every possible way in front of a VIP patient. Just because he's a prince - doesn't make him God of delivery rooms!!! Gabby has worked her way up from the bottom and deserves her post and it doesn't take long for Rafe to figure out he's wrong. Not only is he wrong but he very quickly realises Gabby is absolutely beautiful to him but he's in NYC to hide out and lay low and not cause paparazzi drama for himself or anyone surrounding him.

A super super awesome edition to this wonderful series of which at this stage I've only read two books but I love that Robin has eluded to James and Mila further and I liked Rafe and Gabby had to attend the ball mentioned in other books and I like the connections that are touched on but still make this book absolutely fine to read as a stand alone book.

Filled with many medical drama's around delivering babies kept me entertained and wowed at the same time. It made me sad and teary when Gabby's past was revealed and it made me curious about Rafe's history and whether he could step up to the plate and be able to be who he wants to be along with what Gabby needs him to be.

Really really enjoyed.
4 Stars
The Prince and the Midwife by Robin Gianna

Review by Helen

MS Gianna writes stories that will draw you in with their sensuality and emotion and this one was a beauty a Prince for a hero and a beautiful and vulnerable heroine who is just so caring and one of the best midwives sit back and enjoy this one, this is the fifth book in The Hollywood Hills Clinic Series and it is a fabulous series.Gabriella Cain is the head midwife at the exclusive Hollywood Hills Clinic in Los Angeles she loves her job she is caring and her patients and the other staff think the world of her but she is hiding a secret that she keeps to herself and is determined to keep it that way she does not want a relationship and throws herself into her work. That might change though when Hollywood actress Cameron Fontaine is bought into the hospital in labour and in walks a new doctor an arrogant one Dr Rafael Moreno a Prince as well who is friends with the owner of the clinic James Rothsberg he will push a few of Gabby's buttons I loved the sparks that flew on their first meeting.

Dr Rafael Moreno is royalty and has come to LA to hide out and stay out of the headlines keep a low profile after his parents push him to do so after a not very good scandal involving another woman yes he feels hard done by, by his parents after choosing to be a Doctor but he is good at his job and loves it. He plans on never marrying that is not the life for him he has seen too many loveless marriages. So when His friend James asks him to help out at the clinic he is more than happy to but is his life about to change when he meets the feisty midwife Gabby?

I loved this story from start to finish the sparks and sensual pull that fires between these two beautiful people will have you smiling cheering them on and shedding a few tears a beautifully written emotional journey that brings both Gabby and Rafael to the most wonderful HEA gets them both to open up come to terms with their pasts and allow them to move onto a future filled with love and happiness. Yes this is a story that I highly recommend it was an absolute joy to read.

5/5 stars for a great story

Expected publication: June 1st 2016 by Mills & Boon Medical
Review by Amanda

Robin Gianna is a fantastic storyteller who creates the most beautiful medical romances that feature three-dimensional characters who are flawed but likable. The Prince and the Midwife is flirty, sexy, dramatic and all out entertaining. The characters garnered my attention from page one. Readers are definitely in for one heck of a medical treat! Gabriella Cain loves her job being midwife to celebrity moms. But when Dr Rafael Moreno—a real life prince— stalks into her life things turn topsy turvy. Rafe breaks down the barrier she’d built around her, making her vulnerable. Could Gabriella risk falling for prince charming even as dark clouds of her past linger over her head? Read on and fall in love with characters whose stories will transport you into their magically fictional worlds!

Highly Recommended
4.5 Stars