The Courage to Love Her Army Doc

The Courage to Love Her Army Doc

Karin Baine

The Courage to Love Her Army Doc by Karin Baine

Reviewed by Helen

This is a magical story set in beautiful Fiji I felt like I was back there enjoying the scenery and thoroughly enjoying the journey to a beautiful HEA between two people who really deserved the joy and love that being together brought them.
Dr Emily Clifford is a caring doctor has a birthmark that she has kept covered with make-up for many years her own mother left when Emily was young and then when her husband ends their marriage so badly this leaves her scared and hurt so she decides to take a break and help her brother out on a beautiful Fijian Island for a couple of weeks but when she is met by the handsome other locum on the island Dr Joe Braden sparks fly and lives are about to change.
Joe has been on the island helping his best friend out for some time after the war and the things that have happened Joe has decided to move about not settle in one place he has been left scared by what he went through and the guilt eats at him so this island and the peace helps but when he meets Emily well let’s say his thoughts are about to change she is just what he needs.
This really is a beautiful story so well written with emotions flying of the pages and Emily decides to push a little and finally not be boring to take the initiative because Joe has made her feel so beautiful and special and in turn Emily brings out the best in Joe and he opens up and lets that love grow yes this is a very sensual and moving story in such a gorgeous setting. I highly recommend this one sit back and enjoy you will be smiling thank you MS Baine.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Expected publication: October 1st 2016 by Harlequin Medical Romance