The Spaniards Pregnant Wife by Maisey Yates (Heir's Before Vows #1)

Perfection - no other word!

The Spaniard's Pregnant Bride
by Maisey Yates
It is destiny in motion when two strangers meet at a masquerade ball.  Their attraction, while dancing, is through the roof and the consequences of the night leaves no stone un-turned with changing everyone's life and changing the path of fate.

I was 27% of the way through this story knowing I'd be giving it 6 stars.  I give it 6 stars because 100% satisfied is how I was felt at the conclusion.  I loved how the last sentence referred back to the beginning of the book. I loved how Allegra and Christian discovered each other was each other and how Christian found Allegra. I love Allegra's brother, his way of standing by his sister (more than once) and can not wait to read his story in the trilogy.  I love Allegra's personality and how the author portrayed her lot in life and Allegra's take on it all.  I loved Christian and how he was written and what makes the story is a combination of their engagement with each other and the amazing way the author has with the words she uses.  I loved the background of Christian and Allegra and how they've been involved with each other's lives since way back and I just loved loved loved the flow, the banter, the plot and everything inbetween to bring it all together.  I loved how there were signs of how Christian felt about Allegra and despite coming across as gruff you could tell deep down he cared.

For the first chapter t think it's nothing short of amazing skill to have an entire chapter written with basically no words - just the thoughts of Allegra to carry the story and be completely blown away by the storyline.  To be caught up in her world and her story and be curious enough about the stranger at the masquerade ball who has made Allegra feel alive and feel like herself for the first time ever.  I wish I could describe how wonderfully written this book was - it truely swept me away from today!

I am so so so looking forward to book 2 and 3.  I can not thank Netgalley and the publisher's enough for giving me the opportunity to read this book.