The Return of the Di Sione Wife by Caitlin Crews - The Billionaire's Legacy #4

The Return of the Di Sione Wife by Caitlin Crews
Reviewed by Helen

I am really enjoying this series and this one had a lot of angst and hurt that had to be overcome before they could finally have the HEA that was deserved there was a lot of mistrust between Dario and Anais and the journey was a tough one that will bring out a lot of emotions.

Dario Di Sione has been asked by his grandfather to find and return to him another of the lost mistresses this time a pair of earrings but Dario has an anger burning inside of him he is separated from his wife (not divorced) he throws everything into his business and pretty much keeps to himself even staying away from his identical twin since the break up of his marriage. But when he travels to Hawaii to collect the earrings he is stunned to find that he is to collect them from none other than the wife he walked out on and she has a secret that he needs to know about.

Anais has felt cheated for six years wronged badly but although she had done what she could to let Dario know about his child he had blocked her totally but the instant that they meet again that spark is still there but Anais is a lot stronger now a lawyer and determined to make things right for her son.

This one practically has sparks flying of the pages as you turn them there were times I could have hit Dario, but Dario has a lot to learn. I thoroughly enjoyed their sensual journey I loved the way that Anais stood up to Dario and stood her ground where their son Damien was concerned. I do highly recommend this one I am loving the Di Sione family and their commitment to their grandfather and the loves in their lives.

4/5 stars for a great story

Expected publication: September 20th 2016 by Harlequin

Review by TashNz
5 Stars

A heart-stoppingly emotional story where you're grabbed tightly and twisted and turned inside-out by the figurative emotional roller coaster in this story.  And just when you feel your eye's pricking with tears or your heart stops and bottoms out because you can FEEL what you're reading, wait... there's more!

Dario is the Di Sione sent on a mission and this time it's for earrings.  The pick up goes surprisingly well compared to some of the other installments but it is the pickup that is the catalyst for the incredible ride I was taken on where I (pardon the cliche) could.not.put.down the book, regardless of the time it was!  I was truely wrapped up in Dante and Anais's reunion.  As the title suggests the two parties are married but it's Anais's news that stuns Dario and infuriates him even more than he felt when he discovered his twin Dante and Anais walk out of his bedroom 6 years earlier.  He walked out and never looked back!

I give this story 5 stars because not only did it captivate me from the very start to the very very last page, but also because of the unique circumstances Anais and Dario take and make.  I don't want to explain because it'd be a spoiler but I liked what Dario did, I'm not sure I've read such a plot twist before and as a reader I was sitting there going Woah, what is he DOING? And then with Anais's response, boy was I in tears of laughter and sometimes actually found myself questioning how could she be doing this?  And I loved the way it was explained why Anais was ok with doing what she did.  I loved the little twist of how Damien knew who his Dad was; just all of this mixed with how it made me feel - I feel no doubt that I can award this wonderful, wonderful story 5 stars.

This will be re-read and is an incredible addition to the Di Sione's stories and I have to say, I'm looking forward to reading Dante's story.

Thank you to Netgalley and the Publishers for the opportunity to read and give my honest opinion.