Hearts on Ice

Hearts on Ice

Christy McKellen

Hearts on Ice by Christy McKellen

Reviewed by Helen

Loved this one two people who have been through breakups recently neither are looking for love but when in the middle of huge storm Nate Taylor local police officer literally drops on Hettie Sampson's chicken coop things are about to change for them both.

Hettie has been trying to keep her head above water and her little oasis in the North Yorkshire Dales going and in her hands she works hard is a vegetarian and she might get by doing something that might not be so legal but she does love cooking so when this gorgeous guy arrives unannounced there is a definite spark instantly but she worries as well always the caring person but they get trapped on her little farm and her life is going to change.

Nate moved to this part of England for is partner but he is not happy there he wants to go back to the city and he will now that he is single but of course life can change when fate takes over Hettie enters his life she is caring and gets him talking about his past which he never does but there is a connection there a spark that cannot be denied and they decide that a one night stand would be just what they both need but will that be enough.

This is a sensual fun and moving story that had me turning the pages and gave me hours of reading pleasure I didn't want to put this one down till the end the characters are highly entertaining and come to life on the pages, I fell for Nate what a hero and Hettie is awesome I smiled, laughed and felt so good reading this one and can highly recommend it :)

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published September 21st 2016 by Christy McKellen