The Nightshift Before Christmas

The Nightshift Before Christmas

Christmas Eve Magic #2

Annie O'Neil

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Reviewed by Helen

This is such a moving emotional story, a story of how people grieve when their world and lives are torn apart and how they mend and love again MS O'Neil has bought the characters to life and had me in tears and smiling.

Dr Kate McGann's world had fallen apart two years before and she has moved on and is doing the best she can and waiting for her estranged husband Josh to sign the divorce papers, she is an excellent ER Doctor and is now working in the beautiful town of Copper Canyon and it is Christmas time a bad time for Katie so many memories when who should walk into the hospital her ex Josh and her heart jumps he is still gorgeous but where will this lead?

Dr Josh West turned to adrenalin bursting sports when his life changed it was the way he coped never realizing till he is badly hurt and on his own what life and Katie mean to him, this is his chance to make amends and get his wife back the one he loves so dearly so he arrives with his heart open and hoping that Katie still has that spark .

This really is a fabulous story that will keep you turning the pages as Josh and Katie finally open up to each other, Josh has the best personality and is just what Katie needs back in her life. Together they learn to live and love again and have such an awesome HEA, this book ticks all of the boxes for a wonderful romance that brings so many emotions to life and I highly recommend this one I loved it.

5/5 stars for a great story

Expected publication: November 1st 2016 by Mills & Boon Medical