Unwrapped by The Duke by Amy Ruttan

Unwrapped by The Duke

Amy Ruttan

Unwrapped by the Duke

Reviewed by Helen

I have a fondness for historical stories and even though this one is not historical there are a lot of references to that era and I fell into it as I do with MS Ruttan's stories her books always have me turning the pages and this one is a beauty.

Geri Collins has grown up with her unloving mother in Scotland never knowing who her fathers is, Geri is now a Doctor and when her father arrives on the scene a Lord no less and offers her the position of cardiologist at his practice she jumps at the chance to help her father and to get to know him after all of these years. This is such a change for Geri and she is a bit reserved but when she meets the partner in The Harley St practice her heart flutters.

Thomas Ashwood is a cardiothoracic surgeon and a Duke the notorious Dark Duke and partner in the Harley St practice with Lord Collins and when he meets his daughter Geri his new partner well lets say the sparks fly, but Thomas is determined to stay a single man for what he thinks are good reasons and getting involved with Geri is not the thing to do but you know when sparks start flying how can he deny them.

This is really a fabulous story it is face paced beautifully written it is Christmas time and as Geri brings out the best in Thomas at this time of the year you will be smiling and the way these two click is amazing they were meant to be together. Do yourself a favour pick this one up and sit back and enjoy I loved it real sigh worthy loved the setting the characters just so good. 

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

        Expected publication: November 1st 2016 by Harlequin Medical Romance

Reviewed by Nas Dean

UNWRAPPED BY THE DUKE by author Amy Ruttan is a November 2016 release by Harlequin Medical romance series.

Geri Collins wanted to be a surgeon but after her relationship break downs, she decided to start life afresh in a new environment after accepting her father’s offer. Her dad had his own Medical Practice and she was to become a partner in it. The other partner was Thomas Ashwood, a renowned surgeon. He wanted to buy out the whole practice and go solo. So he was not too happy with Geri’s arrival. But sparks fly and attraction flares.

UNWRAPPED BY THE DUKE is an interesting story based on high society in London. Author Amy Ruttan once again brings an entertaining story which will hook readers and keep their interest riveted till the last page. The exotic and dashing Lords and Dukes in this story is added bonus. The fun banter and witty dialogue makes it a fun read. And the drama in the medical scenes captures the readers imagination.

Highly recommended for all readers of medical romance.