A Deal for the Di Sione Ring by Jennifer Hayward (The Billionaire's Legacy #7)

Review by TashNz
5 Stars

How much do I love the Di Sione series? So much! As each tale is told a few more insights into the grandfather Giovanni drives curiosity.  Jennifer Hayward's installment is the second to last installment and just as magical as its predecessors.

Tasked with bringing Nate Brunswick to life, half brother to the Di Siones, Jennifer Hayward's faultless way with words once again evoked my imagination and feelings and manages to continually makes a difference to my reading journey.  Responsible for once saving his grandfathers life, Nate may possibly be the closest to his grandfather because he was taken in when he had nothing.  His history also laid the path for the final installment.

On his quest to find his item, the Di Sione ring, Nate has an interesting (which i loved) encounter with hotel's chamber maid, imagine his shock when he's later rescuing her and the ring from a fate worse than death.  Mina unknowingly proved her sound business mind during their first meeting so Nate strikes a deal to take her on as his protégé and teach her everything he knows about the business world. Unable to resist the gift handed to her Mina jumps at the chance and is sure the strict hands off rule won't be a problem.

An incredibly unique story has been written and and the authors need to be acknowledged for their incredible effort at linking all the books and attention to detail. Not wanting to leave the world Jennifer Hayward creates, after I finished this I went back to the beginning and re-read The Divorce Party.

Thank you for another beautiful story.